In Production

Don’t Let The Light Fade Out (2017)

Veera Hyvärinen directs an allegorical drama about darkness and light. (fiction)

Certain Ways To Dispose Of A Dead Body (2017)
Hannes Renvall’s and Ria Bäckström’s dance drama. (fiction)

A Family Of Jaguars (2016)
Two closely related Jaguars take a drive. A short fiction film written and directed by Anna Törrönen.

3rd year animation students working with puppets (2014)
This year there are two groups which have created their story and written a screenplay.
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Espresso Doppio (working title) (2014)
Mika Koskinen: Espresso Doppio 
(working title)
Two men, different stories and a cup of coffee. Can you truly understand other person and what differentiate us from each other? The film will be finished in spring 2014.

U like ufo! (working title) (2014)
Saana Herranen: U like ufo! (working title)
An over-enthusiastic ufo researcher finally comes face to face with a real alien, but nothing seems to go quite right after that. Something very unexpected is needed to brake the tension! A comical short animation filled with strange coincidences. The film will be finished in spring 2014.
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Untitled animation project (2013)



Elina Kylmänen: Untitled project
Three diffrent stories connected together. Drawing animation will be finished at the end of 2013.

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