Triple win week for Turku Arts Academy alumni

Saturday March 11th film alumna Pilvi Hämäläinen (Film 2005-2009) won the Finnish sketch comedy television show Comedy Combat with her character Aina Inkeri Ankeinen.

Sunday March 12th film alumna Selma Vilhunen (Film 1998-2002) won the Tampere Film Festival grand prix at the national competition of documentaries over 30 minutes for her film Hobbyhorse Revolution “A refreshing look at the coming of age of young women who transformed their passion into an empowering tool and created a community to stand up to the world. Through their conviction, love and special revolution, they invite us all to find our very own hobbyhorses.”

Friday March 17th animation alumnus Janne Kukkonen (Animation 2006-2010) won the national graphic novel prize Sarjakuva Finlandia with his debut graphic novel Voro.

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Alumna Elli Toivoniemi wins Critic’s Choice at Helsinki DocPoint Film Festival

Film Critic Neil Young’s Choices from New Finnish Documentaries

The film critic Neil Young has picked his favourites from the new Finnish documentary films shown on our festival. His choices are Purity and Danger (dir. Elina Talvensaari) and Once I Was a Dragonfly (dir. Elli Toivoniemi (Mediaproduction0509)).

Here are Neil Young’s comments:

“A delightful celebration both of Finnish eccentricity and the delicate wonders of the country’s natural environment, ONCE I WAS A DRAGONFLY (Kesäni sudenkorentona) winningly alternates between archival footage – here filmed by the subject himself over a period of 20 years – and original materials.”

Neil Young writes regularly for example to The Hollywood Reporter and Sight & Sound.


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First Year students win the Finnish Youth Video Award Finland Chooses Winner for Youth Video Award

The winner of the Finnish Youth Video Award was announced on Saturday the 10th of December. The ceremony was held in Sokos Hotel President in Helsinki, and Sokos Hotels sponsored the competition. The winner is ‘Speak’ by Noora Tossavainen (Arts Academy 1st year film student), Miikka Lautkoski (Arts Academy 1st year film student), Matias Tanner and Helmi Hytönen (Arts Academy 1st year drama student), with the main prize awarded at 1000€. The video can be seen on the Women’s Line Facebook page.

The Finnish jury consisted of:

Elina Nikulainen, Women’s Line

Leena Marila-Penttinen, The Federation of Mother and Child Homes and Shelters

Hanna-Maija Rämä, Amnesty International Finland

Jenni-Juulia Wallinheimo-Heimonen, a textile and conceptual artist making political disability arts

Elina Knihtilä, an actor and a professor at Theatre Academy of the University of the Arts Helsinki

Riku Rantala & Tunna Milonoff, directors, documentarists and citizens of the world

Tiina-Rakel Liekki, a journalist and an artist

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Euranim Video Mapping workshop in Viborg

by Elli Maanpää

Couple of weeks ago I had a chance to participate in a Video Mapping Workshop in Viborg Denmark. Here’s my video documentation from the trip.

The workshop was organized by Euranim. It’s an European project that involves 6 animation schools around Europe. The hosting school for this workshop was The Animation Workshop in Viborg Denmark.

Our lead guru to the magical world of Video Mapping was Tamás Zador from Hungary. Also Lasse Andersen from Denmark englightened us with his video mapping works. The wonderful hostess and coordinator Lana Tankosa Nikolic from TAW made us feel wellcomed.




In this workshop there were 13 students participating. We formed 3 groups and each group made 1 minute 52 second long animation. The building Arsenal (in the picture below) was divided to three sections and every group got one section. My group had the left side of the building.

The week was wonderful: exhausting and inspiring. I learned so much. I’m super thankful of the experience. Thank you Euranim and Turku Arts Academy!



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Alumn Einari Paakkanen’s first feature-length documentary opens at Warsaw Film Festival

g9rmgcwxjw_d920414e00e1708ea50ebdc427ee3ecdf64f623b“Einari’s childhood could have been like that of any other Finnish boy. His father, Veikko, was an ordinary guy with a job at the local tax office and his mother worked as a radio journalist. Everything changed when Einari was 12 years old. His father experienced enlightenment and announced that he was a messenger between Earth and Outer Space. Henceforth, he could see extraterrestrial beings, contact the afterlife and display supernatural healing abilities. Einari became his father’s apprentice and the entire universe seemed open to them. After all, in a past life they had been brothers in Sirius. Now, 25 years later, Einari confronts his father with his doubts. What really happened back then?

The director Einari Paakkanen graduated with a bachelor of arts from the Turku University of Applied Sciences (Arts Academy), and did his master’s degree in documentary directing in Barcelona. He has made several short films. He often works as a location manager and is also a poet. “My Father From Sirius” is his first feature-length documentary film.” (Warsaw Film Festival)

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