Marjo Joshi (M.A.). Mrs. Joshi has extensive experience of teaching in adult education. She has been teaching English Language and Communication at TUAS at local and international level since 2005. Previously she worked as an Assessment Leader at Edexcel Pearson, UK. In addition to teaching degree programme students and corporate clients in her current position at TUAS Language Centre, she also trains teachers in English language and communication, cross-cultural communication and online teaching skills.

Mervi Varhelahti (M.A., M.Sc.Econ. & Bus.Adm.)  Project Coordinator and Communication Trainer at TUAS, Language Centre. She has been working together with teachers of languages and communication and enterprises for over 6 years. She is specialised in the use of social media in corporate communication and the utilisation of social media in language learning and teaching. She has successfully coordinated several EU funded projects, including a project developing language teachers’ work-life communication skills using blended learning methods.

Sanna Simola (M.A.) works at TUAS as a Lecturer of German and Swedish language and communication. In addition to teaching duties, she has participated in development projects on online teaching. Simola is a certified Eurolta-Eurovolt Master Trainer, and provides teachers training e.g. in using blogs in language teaching.




Katriina Vesanen (M.A.) teaches English Language and Communication at TUAS. She has an extensive experience in teaching degree programme students and training corporate clients. She specialises in using different online tools as a teaching method.