It’s always fun to travel!

Whenever you visit a new country, it is always fun to travel. A few friends and me had a chance to take a ferry ride from here in Turku to go to Stockholm, the capital of Sweden. But I wouldn’t consider this as a ferry ride; it was more like a short cruise! Turku has one of the biggest ports in the world, which make it a perfect spot to repair large cruise liners when they are in need of repair. It’s no wonder that they would go big on their ferry’s as well. It was a very large ship with many decks restaurants and bars. It even has its own huge theatre room.


We got to see Sweden for a day before taking the ferry back to Turku and the atmosphere of the ‘cruise’ was not the only great part, we took part in a delicious buffet that was served on the boat with amazing food ranging from shrimps, to pork shops, to steaks and many more high quality dishes. And that wasn’t even the best part! Included in the buffet was all-you-can-drink beer and wine, a bit of alcohol always make traveling just that bit more fun. After the buffet there was live music playing in the large theatre and the performers were quite talented. They played very famous songs so it almost felt like home hearing all this live music that we knew. And for all the people who enjoy their alcohol from time to time, the liquor on the boat is quite inexpensive since they become a duty-free shop once they hit international waters.

To go along with all these great feature of this ferry ride, for the price we paid, which is not very expensive, we were pleasantly surprised at the very good quality of the rooms. They were spotless and the beds were nice and comfortable.

Text and photo: Marc-André Goguen

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