Amazing Finland Experience

The past three months I spent here in Turku Finland. Time goes so incredibly fast! It feels like just a couple of weeks ago that I walked into Retrodorm with my two suitcases and Anne-Sophie and Gabriele helped me with getting my suitcases upstairs.

After my arrival, more people started to arrive, like Csilla, a girl from Hungary and Nayeon, a girl from Korea. Our Retrodorm family grew bigger, and we did a lot of fun stuff together, like: playing cards, bowling, pooling, going out for dinner, the Tampere trip and of course partying. J

The first colleges were in which Joonas, Marjo and ESN explained a lot about living here in Finland. I was so excited for these colleges and then the first week at TUAS started, where I met Jarno and Lena. Lena made us a welcome package with typically Finnish things in there.

The clinical placements were amazing! We went to a lot of different hospitals and departments and I saw a lot! For me the most interesting thing was to see all the differences between Finland and The Netherlands, and of course I asked a lot of questions about it and got all the answers. I heard a lot about Finnish people, that they are so quiet and don’t show a lot of emotions, but I experienced something different. I had great colleagues in the hospitals.

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Then the famous Lapland trip came closer. I enrolled and got in! I think Finland is beautiful, but Lapland was AWESOME! I went skiing, did the husky and snowmobile safari and went partying a lot.

Also I enrolled into the Finnish language course, which I had every Wednesday evening. At first I thought the Finnish language course was quite difficult, because the teacher started with the grammar, but I really liked following this course and I also learned a bit of Finnish in the hospital. The last weeks of clinical placement it was really nice to notice that sometimes I knew where they were talking about, although Finnish is a really difficult language.

The course Get Finternational! Was to learn more about the Finnish culture and Finnish people. I really liked attending the activities and earn stamps for it. Like for example the International Dinner, or Finnish Movie night. I think ESN which organises these kinds of events (also the Lapland trip) does a great job and it really enriched my Finland experience.

But the time flew by so fast and people were leaving. I had a really hard time when my best friends Anne-Sophie, Daniel and Gabriele were leaving, and within a week I am leaving as well and I know it’s hard to leave the people I love behind, but I know one day I will meet them again!

I had an amazing time here in Finland, I met incredible people and they will always stay in my heart and memories!

Thank you very much for making this experience possible!

Text and photos: Michelle Keizer

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