My first grocery shopping trip

Before I left my room I wrote a little list with the things which I needed. I translated them with google, to make sure that I was going to buy the right things.

I saw a few guys with “Lidl” bags. I was quite excited because we have the same store in Switzerland. And it is famous for its cheap products, so I was looking forward to discover it. When I stepped in to the familiar store, I didn’t feel domestic anymore. The prizes of the fruits and vegetables seemed to be quite expensive, and the special thing about it is, that the prizes are all written per kilo. So I was pretty confused the very first moment.

When I left the fresh-food section I sneaked to the meat segment. Due to the fact I just eat chicken and no other kind of meat at all, it was hard to figure out, which meat I could take. But gladly some packages have some animal pictures on it. After lurking around I found myself at the cashier with a lot of different products. What surprised me is the fact that they sell minced chicken. We don’t have that in normal stores in Switzerland. We just have it in special stores and it’s very expensive.

As soon as I got home, I felt like having a coffee. Fortunately I tried the milk before I put it into the cup. It wasn’t milk how I knew it. The milk was thicker and sourer than the normal milk. But honestly I liked it.

To come to a conclusion, after each grocery shopping I’ll get surprised by unknown products. It’s not only annoying, but also fun! =)

When I went to the big supermarket (K city market) I found something very nice. I am popcorn addicted and surprisingly they sell flavoured popcorn. So I bought wasabi, chilli, barbecue, cheese and butter flavoured popcorn. It was amazing to try it. But the best part is, that they also sell the flavour itself in form of pulver. It’s quite expensive, but I love it. Sourcream and onion is the best!! =)

Text and picture by Saskia Kozak

Traveling from Turku

Prior to my arrival to Turku I checked the possibilities of traveling from there. I already found out that there is a ferry going from Turku directly to Stockholm. That was definitely something I wanted to do and a city I wanted to see and travel to. Furthermore I know that Russia is close by. From everything I heard before Saint Petersburg is a very beautiful city. It is worth a trip.

These were the only two places I planned to visit during my stay. Everything beyond that would happen either spontaneously or planned while already in Turku.

Turku has a very good connection to a variety of places and it is very easy to do small trips during the weekend to many other cities and countries, not only the two already mentioned. Within Finland there a several long distance bus services existing. The best one for students is Onnibus. This is the cheapest bus there is. It connects Turku directly to Tampere and Helsinki. Other major cities are also reachable with this bus. All the tickets have a very student friendly price. Tickets to Helsinki for example which are booked a longer time in advanced can have a price from only one Euro one way.

Once in Helsinki there are several ferries departing. In only two hours the capitol of Estonia, Tallinn, is reached. There is also the ferry to Saint Petersburg leaving from here. Both cities are very beautiful and definitely worth a visit. A ferry to Stockholm is leaving from Helsinki as well. But Stockholm is reachable easier by ferry from Turku directly.

There is a low cost carrier airline which is flying from Turku to Gdansk in Poland. Flights can be as cheap as 30 Euros for a two way flight. I was not planning to visit this city at all, but because of the cheap prices and a convenient time at the end of the semester I bought tickets. It was very beautiful and they even had a small Christmas market. Christmas was really the best time for the city.

All the people who have a little bit more time should consider the other two Baltic countries as well. Riga can be reached by ferry from Stockholm only. The other possibility is to get there by bus from Tallinn. All three capitols from the Baltic countries are very well connected with long distance busses for little money.

All places I visited are very pretty. I would recommend everyone to travel as much as possible while in Finland, of course only as much as studies allows. ESN Turku offers a big amount of trips to Lapland, the Baltic cities, Russia or Stockholm. For all people who cannot attend these trips but want to travel have many chances to see new places they have never been before.

Text by Eric Anthes

Empty space

It is over.

I am back in Spain. It’s not cold nor dark. It’s noisy and crowded. And I am spending my Christmas holidays at my parents.

It can sound quite nice, but it’s not as good as it seems. Ok, I like being able to see the sun most of the time, but I miss silence and nature and I am not used to live with my family anymore (I’ve been living on my own for the past five years).

Maybe I have started writing with such a pessimistic feeling, although that’s not what I wanted to transmit.

I am not sure how I feel right now. I have been living in such a healthy environment for the past months that coming back to “real life” it’s not being easy at all. While I was studying in TUAS I experienced something new for me: autonomy. In my studies, I mean. For the first time in five years I have been asked the following question: “What do you want to learn?” When I heard that I was not sure how to answer; were they really asking me my opinion, my interests on my field of studies, what did I like to know? So I asked them to repeat the question. “Yes, what do you want to learn from us?” I don’t know about you, but I had never thought about something like that, so I had to take the time and rethink where did I want to go after graduating. Where do I want to go. And even though I know more or less what I like to do, I have no clue of what to do with all that I’ve learned until now.

I will be graduating this June. And my head is a complete mess. What do I know? What do I want to do afterwards? What do I want to become? Where do I want to be?

If there is something I have learned during this degree is how to deal with stress (it may seem it’s not really related to acting or theatre, but believe me, you learn how to do it, specially if you have to combine the studies with a part-time job). So when my brain started formulating all those questions in my head, I decided to give myself some rest and go for a walk on the beach. And then I remembered that I can’t let such questions bother me because they are always gonna be there. And I firmly believe it’s useless to try to answer them, since life takes turns that you never expect. So it is better to leave them, to embrace the emptiness of those answers and to let life itself fill those gaps. Time will tell…











Text and picture by Teresa Carrascosa

Turku Korean Club

Before coming to Finland, I had heard that there is a Korean club in Turku which is gathering of Finnish who is interested in Korean culture and language. As I stated in the plan for here, I decided to attend that club’s activities and help them learn Korean more. Finally, I did it during my semester in Finland. On the first meeting, we all were not so familiar and like traditional Finnish, my Finnish friends were shy and seemed to have brusque way of speaking. Moreover, everyone had difficulty to break the ice for the atmosphere. But, there is a woman who lives here and married Finnish guy. She has always tried to make our club’s mood smooth and to gather together more often. Eventually, now we are intimate and they, Finnish friends were quite big part of my Finland life. And surprisingly, there was a guy who really likes Korean ‘Taekwondo’ and is coach for Finnish member of the national team. He really loves Korean and wants to come to Korea soon and live in my country. In addition, a girl named “Erika”, she is my best Finnish friend, and she also has good ability for Korean. When I first saw them, I was really surprised at their speaking and felt thankful for their interest. They are passionate for learning Korean culture and language so that I become to feel proud of my country and to be careful to represent Korea as exchange student.

First picture is on Turku day, we saw the fireworks together in front of river Aura. At this day, we heard Turku’s simple history and became to know about this city more. And we were in HESEBURGER which is the most popular burger store among local Finnish.


Second one is on Korean Thanks giving day. In Korea, lunar Thanks giving day is the second biggest holiday, so we decided to celebrate that day. We made traditional holiday food together in student village and did Korean traditional game, playing Yut.


Last one is for Christmas, our group went to Tuuli’s cottage and made cookies and bread together.


Like this, we experienced both Korean and Finnish culture, and it was really amazing. Turku Korean club made my exchange period more richer.

Text and pictures by Yeonwoo Chae


Visiting Museums in Turku

I am really interested in different kind of art. So, I wanted to visit as many museums as I can during my stay in Turku. A lot of exchange students have Get Finterlational course. I had it too. It was really great course because we had chance to do a lot of interesting activities and visit museums too. One of events was Artsy Tuesday at Wäinö Aaltonen Museum of Art. We had chance to visit Wäinö Aaltonen Museum of Art and see exhibition Time to Sprout by Kaarina Kaikkonen for free. She makes sculptures out of recycled materials such as paper, and second-hand clothing and shoes. She has become one of the leading artists of Finnish art thanks to her work in sculpture and installations. We saw works from the beginning of her career until today. I really interested in modern art so I like this exhibition a lot. Especially works from man shirts.

We also had chance to visit Turku Art Museum for free with TUO. But it was not a problem if you missed this day because every Friday after 4pm you can visit it for free. I did it not once.

Unfortunately I had to pay for entrance into Aboa Vetus and Ars Nova. Museum of history and temporary art. But it was worth because we saw exhibition Made in Spain – Works from the Matti Koivurinta Foundation art collection. There was Salvador Dalí, Guillem Nadal, Pablo Picasso, and more famous artist’s works. We also got to know more about Turku city history in this museum.

If you live in Turku and you are interested in art you must to visit at least few museums because there is a lot of interesting exhibition to see.

Text and picture by Julija Jurkute