Studying International Business at TUAS as an exchange student

As an exchange student in the International Business programme at TUAS, you can choose courses on different areas of business, for example marketing and logistics. The courses offered are grouped under two modules and you must bear in mind that you can only choose courses from one module. In addition, you may take general courses, such as Get Finternational and Finnish for Exchange Students. In these two common courses aimed at students from all faculties of TUAS, you have the chance to get to know the Finnish culture and language, respectively. They also provide an opportunity to meet other exchange students, apart from the ones that you attend the courses in your module with.Jager Picture_Article_2

All of the courses in the International Business modules are taught in English. You should note that not all courses last the entire semester: There are courses that run for only six weeks and they can start at different times during the semester. In contrast to my home university, there are various tasks spread over the whole semester that count for the final grade, as opposed to one final exam at the end of the semester. There are, for example, individual and group assignments, presentations, but also exams. These exams may take place in front of the computer. At TUAS, strong emphasis is placed on developing team competencies, so there is a large amount of group work instead of teacher-centred lectures.

The teachers in the IB programme have different cultural backgrounds, so they can also give insights into their cultures of origin, which enriches studying business at TUAS. The facilities at Lemminkäisenkatu, the campus for International Business, are very modern –there are a sufficient number of computers for students to work at, printers and a well-stocked library where you can find the books required for the courses.

Text & photo: Jasmin Jäger

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