My day as a student in Finland

My day as a student in Finland is a bit similar to my day as a student in my home country. Here in Finland I go to school, I do groceries, I make dinner, I do some homework …

Actually just the basic daily things I also do at home.

Of course there are some differences. For example, here I can’t meet my friends and family. But luckily, I can see them and speak with them trough Skype or FaceTime. That has become a daily activity in my life here in Finland. In my free time here, I do a lot of activities together with my roommate and other exchange students.

Doing groceries here in Finland is really different from doing groceries at home. At home, I go the store, buy what I need and go home. In Finland it’s a bit more of a challenge. I really have to search for the products and I don’t always know what I am buying. Buying yoghurt for example was not so easy. The first time I tried to buy yogurt, I bought lactose-free yogurt. The second time, I discovered that I bought buttermilk. The third time, I finally bought real yogurt, at least it tastes like real yogurt.Peeters3Because Finland is a completely new country for me, I also like to explore the city and travel to other cities. I already went to the Åland islands and I have booked a trip to Lapland. Besides that, I visited quite some places in Turku already. I went to Ruissalo and Hirvensalo for hiking and visiting the saint Henry’s chapel. During the hiking in Ruissalo we have seen a deer in the forest, that was really amazing. I have also been on a ESN-trip to the national park, the nature was really beautiful there. And I hope to see some more.

Text & picture: Suzanne Peeters

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