Differences between TUAS and Kufstein University of Applied Sciences

Sommer3First of all I want to say that I really enjoy the time studying in both universities. But there are some differences between this two universities. At TUAS you have a fixed schedule of your courses for the whole semester and you have each of the courses every week. In my home university they organise it in a different way. There you have the lectures in blocks, which means that you have one course as an example 3 days a week in 3 weeks in a row and then the course is over and the next one starts. Furthermore the whole bachelor degree and all courses are determined and therefore there is no overlapping possible in Kufstein. In TUAS you have the opportunity to choose between courses and as a result there could be overlapping courses.

Moreover there are also differences in the lectures itself. In TUAS you have to participate much more actively than in my home university. There are a lot of group works and presentations. Of course group activities and the improvement of your presentation skills are important but in my opinion it is too much to have every lecture one or two group tasks.

There is also a difference in the communication style between lecturer and the students. At TUAS it is more in an informal way and in Kufstein the students communicate with lecturer more in a formal way. Another fact for the difference is that you have more different lecturers in my home university. This could lead in benefits but also in disadvantages. Through having different lecturer you get more different views and ways of looking on topics. But then there is also a higher quality variation of the lectures. At TUAS I have only two different lecturer for 6 courses and this makes it possible to have a solid quality in all courses but you also get only a one-sided approach to the issues.

Text & picture: Matthias Sommer

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