Everyday life in Turku

I’m going to tell something about my life here in Turku. I’m an exchange student of The Netherlands and I’m studying nursing. I live in the student villages, together with exchange students. I have really nice neighbors and we’re doing nice things with each other, for example we prepare a secret birthday party for someone’s birthday of we’re visiting a nice place. Okay, this happens not every week, but regularly we organizing something nice.

But how looks a normal day for me? Well, the first weeks I had my internship. My first internship was in the Turunmaa hospital, a Swedish speaking hospital. It was interesting to see the different wards. My second place was in the University Hospital in Turku, on the children ward. It was an interesting but busy time.Charlotte5

The second part of my semester consists of following the courses. It depends every time if I have courses and if I have, how many courses I have. I have to go by bus, because the university is on the another side of the city.

After school and internship, I like it to relax. Nearby the student village you can walk along the Aura river. It’s a nice walk, also for running. Or I watch movies. We have sometimes movie nights with our neighbors in the kitchen.

During dinner it’s quite funny, because I’m used to eat around six in the evening. I have some French and Spanish neighbors and they were laughing when we told this. It’s normally for them to eat at 8 or 9 (sometimes half past 9) pm. During that time we drink a cup of tea and go to bed earlier. And of course in the weekends, we have really good kitchenparties 🙂Charlotte6

In my opinion, Turku is nice to live.It’s a city, but not that big. There are many places where you can enjoy the weather. For an example Ruissalo or nearby the Aura river. There are also some shops, but the way in Hansa is really difficult. I’m here since the beginning of January, but I still lost the way in this shopping Centre.

Text & pictures: Charlotte Huetink

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