Finnish Design

I´m studying product design so in which place could it be more interesting to study than in a Scandinavian country?

Finland is very rich in the design field, whether it is product, textile or architecture. Finnish designers are known worldwide, for me it is so nice to see “for real” the products that I have studied and analyzed the past two year.Emma5

I think design has a big part in Finnish culture, and Finnish people seem very proud of it: you notice it when you visit a Finnish apartment or when you see people dressed with Finnish brands clothes. Well, at least, I guess it is even more obvious when you have designer eyes.

I think there are two sides in Finnish design. One is the perfect Scandinavian style. Very simple, clean lines, with the wood as main material and neutral colors. For example, the style of one of the most famous designer in Finland, Alvar Aalto. He has done architectures, kitchenware, and furniture.

His furniture designs were well thought and are still popular today. He has founded the Artek company in 1935, to sell his products, but also other imported products.

For the other side of Finnish design, it is Emma6very colorful, with big patterns or illustrations.

The example we can give is Marimekko, a famous brand of textile and fashion design. It is known all over the world for it’s bright colored patterns, sold on textile, on very simple shaped clothes or on household items.  There is a lot of different design, everyone can find something of it’s taste.

In Turku there are a lot of shops where you can find Finnish designs. I really like go there and admire all the objects, it’s almost like a museum. And yes, of course, it is way too expensive for a student budget, but we can dream 🙂

Text & photos: Emma Lameley

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