Three Finnish towns to visit

During my stay here I have visited a lot of Finnish cities. I will present you three of my favorites, in a perfect Finnish style, easily reachable by bus.


  1. Naantali

If you live in Turku you probably know Naantali already. It is a small city 15 kilometers away, where all the houses are in wood, with a lot of different colors. It is one of the oldest towns in Finland, walking around is very nice, you can look at all the houses (and all the windows because there is a lot of objects displayed in front of it !), at the small harbour, go to see the church and climb to a nice point of view as well. The Moomin World theme park is reachable from there through a bridge.

There is also some beaches, probably very nice for summer. And it’s quick to go there just for an afternoon.


  1. Rauma

Rauma is a town situated on the west coast or Finland, with very colorful wooden houses and paved street in the old city. The site is Unesco listed. It’s very quiet, the time seems to have been stopped, you almost expect to see people traditionally dressed  coming out of the houses.

This city is  alsowell known for the traditional lace. You can visit the city history museum to see some works of lace and even try to do it yourself. Which is very, very, complicated

There is also a lot of artisanal shops and a small market. So you can have a really nice day here.


  1. Porvoo

Porvoo is probably one of the cutest towns I have visited in Finland. It’s 45 minutes of bus from Helsinki to the east, and it is pretty small so you can visit it in a morning and then spend the afternoon in Helsinki for example.

A river flows through the city, and all the houses are built on a hill. It is so nice to walk in the narrow streets away from the center which is more recent.

I went there during winter, so the contrast between the colors of the houses and the snow was really beautiful. I am sure that it is also very nice in summer but unfortunally I will not have the occasion to go back.

Now I hope you want to visit all these pretty towns and feel how the spirit of Finnish architecture really is. Enjoy !

Text & photos: Emma Lameley

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