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Studying in Finland is unlike studying in my home university. The learning is much more independent, there is a lack of guidance and the questions asked are vague in comparison. My home university has me provided with presentations, lectures, and guidelines in which to follow. It is left to us as students to interpret the question ourselves. We are expected to gather information ourselves and the tutors want to hear our views. In my home university, we are taught to put our opinions aside and work on facts and relevant reading. In Finland the situation differs- they want to find out what our thoughts are on certain topics, they prefer to know what is going through our heads rather than what an author has written in a book. I like this idea as it allows me to connect and really relate to a topic. I can explain in my essays what the information means to me and if I agree or disagree. I think that this way of working really allows you to enjoy what your studying as you have a chance to ut you own heart in it.

On the other hand, our course is laidback in terms of deadlines. For example, in our first tutor meeting, we discussed our Special Education module and got to decide our own deadlines and choose one that suited us all best. Back home deadlines are set for us and there are penalties if they are missed!

I personally like the idea of being able to discuss and choose a deadline that suited us best, however I prefer my home university’s way of studying when it comes to lectures. I like to be shown the information I need and be given the opportunity to have it explained to me, it ensures me I am on the right track and that I understand correctly.


Rebecca Garfield

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