My Life in Finland


I would like to write about my last 4 months in Finland not just about one thing, because everything was special.

Well, at first I wasnt very exited about the thing in Finland, because it wasnt my first choice.

But I knew that it will be nice anyway. A good friend (Marco) and me drove by car from Germany through Denmark, Sweden and then we took the fairy to Finland, that is already an experience in itself.

In Finland everything started in August. On the 3rd day we were swimming in Ruissalo, one of my favorite places, I have not seen such beautiful views for a long time as here. The nature in finland is very nice. What you have to see and do in this area is the lake of varisou, Nationalpark, Kayaktour and swimming with a boat along of the Aurajoki.

We also traveled a lot to Poland (Gdansk), Sweden (Stockholm), Estonia (Tallinn), Russia (Saintpetersburg), Helsinki, Tampere. I liked Saintpetersburg most of all, firstly because it is not a European country and secondly because it has a lot of history which interests me and thirdly I have been allowed to see the most beautiful buildings there.

And between the travels boredom had no chance. We’ve gone to clubs, ESN events, kitchen parties, sitzparty, Museums, Restaurants, Bars, playing football, Bubblefootball tournament, playing billiard and every week varied Campussport activities.

And we did all of this with the good-humored exchange students, improved our English language and above all, learned a lot about and from other cultures.

I recommend everyone to buy a Bike, because Turku is almost everywhere flat and the city can be visited without much effort with the bike and you can take a lot more of the nice nature.

I’d love to write something about Lapland, but I’m just on the way there, but I didnt hear any negative things about it, it have to be beautiful.

Just one thing I think is a pity, that people are a little bit more closed-minded which doesnt have to be negative, but I could gain less human knowledge and improve my people skils. Nevertheless I had a nice Tutor and with some afford 2 nice finish friends.

Yes and I shouldnt forget I also had Uni about 1-3 times a week. The professors were all very helpful. I also really liked that we can call them with the first name, this is form me a sign of respect and put his selfe on the same level towards the students. It will never happen that a person lose respect if the people call him with the first name. Maybe its for other people a weak point but everybody have to know that every communication starts with the first call and it will connect the people on another way.

I am very happy that I got the chance to come to Finland and now I know its the best thing that could happen that I came to Turku. This expierience will stay forever in my mind and it changes my personality and advanced my knowlage in many areas.

Written By Yasser Fakih

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