Finternational Stories – A trip to the heart of Finland


I’m speaking about nothing else than Lapland of course, the glorious area in the north of Finland. Before I came to Finland, I was already sure that I would visit the “winter wonderland”. The goal is to achieve the most Finnish activities you can do in the country.

Unfortunately, the bus trip from the south to the north was about 14h driving, but it was worth the experience for sure. You could spend the driving time with sleeping, talking or wasting time on smartphone. The first bus stop in this travel was the Ranua zoo, which was also the first time I saw that much snow in Finland. The zoo had several northern animals, like polar bears and mooses, which weren’t as afraid of the cold as me.

After the arrival in Levi, a part of Sirkka, we received a comfortable cottage for ten people, with an own kitchen and even a dishwasher! It was really fun to cook with the whole cottage, even if you didn’t know all before, you are growing together through the week.

The activities usually were about a few hours outside and considered everything you can imagine about fun in Nordic culture. I didn’t book the snowmobile ride, which should be recommendable. Nevertheless, I had my fun with the reindeer sledge ride, which let me feel like Santa himself and of course the outstanding Husky sledge. The huskies were my favorite adventure in Lapland, because I mean, when do you can get carried by cute dogs in a warm sledge?

Finally, after a snow shoe walk and a visit at Norway’s arctic ocean it was already time to leave this magic place. I didn’t see the Northern Lights due the large amount of clouds at my visit, but I made a lot of other nice experiences which made the trip worth.(written by Marco Struppek)

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