Traveling in Finland 2

I visited Puumala September. Where and what is Puumala? Puumala is located in the Southern Savonia region. According to Wikipedia, the municipality has a population of 2,217 (31 August 2017) and covers an area of 794.50 square kilometres (306.76 sq mi) of which 443.17 km2 (171.11 sq mi) is water. The population density is 2.79 inhabitants per square kilometre (7.2/sq mi). If you go there by car, it will take six our more hours from Turku. Why are we go? Because my Finnish friend’s father has summer cottage along the Saimaa lake. Then, I was invited to visit there.
When the day of departure , I knew we went by car. Furthermore, the car was too small for five people. You know it was so hard trip, the car is very tiny and it’s a long trip. When we arrive, it already got dark. Of course we already got tired. But we had a first exiting experience, we took a boat to go to cottage. It was so fun, it was pretty cold, though. After that, we had a dinner together and prepared for sleeping. Then, we had a second exiting experience. We could enjoy open-air bath and try jumping into the lake. We could drink a lot of beer in the bath and we could experience like Finnish culture, I think. The second day, we tried to handle the boat. It was first experience for us. I felt it’s a little bit difficult than it looks. Some of us couldn’t handle the boat actually. But I think it was rare experience. After that, we harvested many vegetables such as carrots, potatoes, cucumbers, tomatoes and strawberries. And we cooked some Finnish foods with them. Of course it was so tasty. But I couldn’t eat porridge that was like oatmeal. I tried, but I couldn’t. And we tried meets of deer as well. I felt it was like beef, it was so nice. We spent only a night, but we experienced a lot. When the way to the cottage, I regretted that I joined them. But after finish everything, I thought I’d like to visit again. Thank you friends and friend’s father, thank you for inviting me.
Written By Shun Miura

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