Internship in Finland – one of the best decisions of my life


Minä olen Kristýna and I have decided to pass my internship in Turku in Finland. I have to say it was one of the best decisions I have ever done. Read through to find out why.

I was placed to Turku University Hospital T –hospital at Intensive Care Unit.  First day I came there I was really stunned. The hospital is really beautiful and new. Also the equipment of the ward suprised me a lot. It´s much more modern than in Czech Republic. I had four supervisors – 2 women and 2 men. At the beginning I was a bit nervous because of my level of English which wasn´t something I would be proud of and also if I will get on well with the nurses. It showed up that there was nothing to worry about. My English was improving day by day and all the staff was really friendly to me and I have had some really good talks and discussions with them. I was enjoying the shifts thanks to an individual tutor´s attitude to me and very comfortable atmosphere at the rooms. I can say that I saw and l learnt so many things there. This intership has broadened my horizons a lot.

However this exchange wasn´t just about working in hospital. I had some free weeks and weekends of course. As almost every erasmus student I went to Lapland where I experienced husky rides, saunas, ice swimming and almost all kinds of the winter sports. Lapland is wonderland and I will definitely come back. Unfortunately we haven´t been lucky with the northern lights there because of the cloudy weather but finally I could see the aurora in Turku which was even more emotional because it´s so rare in the south of Finland. I have to admit that I was crying – it is amazing feeling which is hard to describe. I liked this trip so I decided to go to cottage weekend few weeks later. We´ve been playing games in the snow and relaxing in hot tubs in the evenings and I really enjoyed barbecue in Finnish kota. Thanks to ESN group in Turku I went to see Helsinki and chocolate Fazer factory where we could eat as much as we could. I couldn´t see chocolate for a week after this. However there is no need to travel far away to see something interesting. There are many places to see in Turku and around. For example Naantali with its Moomin´s Island and tracks for the skating on the sea or Ruissalo Island with great sauna situated on the beach with ice swimming in the sea.

Luckily I also have had a lot of fun during the workings weeks after my shifts. There are many events for the students which are worth it to attend. For example typical evening event call sitz where you eat, sing, drink and play some funny games. What I really liked was an international diner where all the students cooked or baked something typical for their country. Oh my God I ate so much there, shame. I definitely like the campus sports card which allows you to attend all the kinds of sport you can imagine.

My intership was just two months but during these weeks I have met dozens of new friends and we made the friendships which are going to last forever. Now I can visit almost all European countries and I will have at least one friend there. Isn´t it great? Erasmus Exchange is amazing thing and even though it´s hard to take off from your comfortable zone at the beginning but if you do it  you won´t definitely regret!

Thank you all who has made my stay her sooo unforgettable!

Moi moi!
Týna, Czech Republic

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