Joni Männistö’s new short film Electric Soul in SICAF

Electric_Soul_Screenshot_01_pienTurku Arts Academy animation alumni Joni Männistö had a premiere of his new short film Electric Soul in SICAF, Seoul International Cartoon&Animation Festival. Electric Soul was made as part of the SICAF 2013 Short Film Production Support Program. SICAF usually chooses some last edition´s winning directors to take part to this program and Joni´s idea was chosen to be financed. Joni Männistö won the Best Student Film Award in SICAF 2012 with the film Swarming (Kuhina).

The short film was supposed to somehow present Seoul and Joni decided to build a city from circuit boards and computer parts. Electric Soul is 5 min film about 24 hours of city life made of different components. Rythmical music is composed be Lucas Pedersen.

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