Iina Hänninen’s short film “Maria” won the Best of Festival and the Best Drama 10 – 30 minutes in Calgary

Iina Hänninen’s third year student film “Maria” has won Picture this… film festival – an international disability film festival in Calgary, Canada.

festivalFilm stills from “Maria” are featured on the cover of the festival catalogue, which gives praise to the film:

“The Best of Festival winner, Maria, is a psychological drama that uses symbolism to create a fugue-like state that is dissociative in nature. The audience cannot separate real from imaginary in the life of a woman who is institutionalized and the son who has to leave her behind. This is a film where less is more: little use of dialogue and a lot to think about!

Jury comments:
…well filmed…kept my attention… suspense with a thriller touch…a twist at the end…thought provoking…beautifully crafted…remarkable use of white…strong, emotionally charged film…what a story…excellent approach to subject matter…creatively told story…beautiful images…clever use of dark and light…captivated by the suspense…a powerful movie…”

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