Pyjama Films – new animation studio and production house in Turku

Fresh new studio is starting in Turku. Pyjama Films was founded in February 2015 by five partners; CEO Terhi Väänänen, artistic director Elli Vuorinen, animation directors Samppa Kukkonen and Kari Pieskä and sound artist Jani Lehto.

Elli, Samppa and Kari are graduates from Turku Arts Academy, Terhi has been working as a producer and director of the Animatricks Animation Festival in Helsinki and recently as a project manager in Turku Animation development project of West Finland Film Commission. Jani Lehto has been working with music – and sound productions for many years.

Pyjama Films is developing an animated series of a comic book Planet Z by Maria Björklund and one short film is also on it´s way to production. The blog will follow …


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