Video mapping workshop in Budapest

By Fanni Maliniemi

EURANIM-project has made it possible for animation students around Europe to get to know video mapping technic. Latest workshop was held in beautiful Budapest at the end of April. From Turku Arts Academy was present me, the second year animation student and my collegue Jouko Raudasoja, the 4th year student.

During one very busy week we made animations which were projected in Friday night on to the walls of Tesla building. At the same time there was a Kiskakas- festival going on in Budapest.

Budaworkshop_npieniWe were working in the teams of four student from different schools and nationalities. The place we were working was a special, old Bauhaus-type building in the Pest side of the city centrum. Outside the building was the Hungarian Museum of Electrotechnics

In the big empty hall there were huge windows and echo all around. We brought in some tables and chairs and of course louds of computers.

budaworkshop3Video mapping means moving image which is projected on the three dimensional surface to create illusions in the space. Good projectors are needed as well as darkness and technical knowhow so that everything will work perfectly. In a week I learned more about video mapping technic and I got some new ideas how to use it later.

We were living just beside workshop place in a hostel with design furniture. We ate our dinner there and lunches in our project room so we didn´t need to leave the area during working days.

The neighbourhood was anyway in the middle of Budapest´s lively night life area full of pop up bars and cafes. In Budapest beautiful old architecture and decorative elements are mixed with shabby street life and alternative culture places.

During that week we had different kind of soups twice a day but of course many different kind of meals also. For us finns very special experience was chicken with jam and pastry. Also pastry with wienies were served.

The theme of the workshop was DADA. Experimentality and questioning power structure was in many animators´ minds when we started to plan our mapping. But you can´t recreate DADA in our days, it´s only nostalgia which imitates DADA´s visual language. Many ideas were left behind and we just started to produce. Most useful was just study the technic and try out all the possibilities. It´s a unique experience to see a projected animation on the walls or on the surface of the building if compared to ordinary screen.

Now I´m just hoping to be able to try video mapping with new ideas back home in Finland.




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