Heta Jäälinoja jury member in Nordisk Panorama

Heta Jäälinoja was awarded last year 2017 in Nordisk Panorama film festival with a Best New Nordic Voice Award for her animated film Penelope.  Nordisk Panorama is an annual festival for nordic documentaries and short films and it´s happening  in Malmö, Sweden.

This year Heta was was chosen as a one member of the jury to choose the winner of the Best Nordic Short Film.

Here´s the interwiew of Heta in Good Morning Sweden, Swedish radio´s program for finnish speaking audience. In this interwiew Heta tells about festival jury´s work, nordic films and about her own work in film branch.

Heta Jäälinoja was one of the three jury members choosing Best Nordic Short Film in this year’s Nordisk Panorama, Malmö! A week ago, on very early morning she talked in Sverigesradio about this experience (in Finnish).

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