The winners of the first ever PITCH2019 competition are currently in production in Turku

Turku Arts Academy film students swept up prizes of the PITCH2019 at the Finnish Film Foundation in Helsinki last April. Among the schools in the competition were all the major film schools from Turku, Tampere and Helsinki.

The Finnish Broadcasting Company bought the distribution rights for the upcoming comedy short A Few Things about Black Holes (screenplay and direction by Anna Saario, Producer Sakariye Jama, cinematography Tatu Niemi). The film also won 3000€ worth of lighting equipment rentals from Valofirma company.

The scifi short iHuman (screenplay by Niko Sjöholm, director Satu-Lotta Rannisto, vfx supervisor Jukka Kiiski, producer Petra Kinnunen) won a mixing studio day, a colour correction day and half-a-working day of vfx consultation by Tomi Nieminen.

Both of the short films will premiere next spring in 2020.

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