Animation Crank Handle Association ( Animaation apupyörä ry) has curated an exhibition of finnish animators called Animoi!-Anxiety and Relief.

Exhibition started in Kerava Art Museum and via Berlin it has now come to Tampere. Animoi! -exhibition opened in Tampere on 25th February at Taidehalli TR1. It’s curated by Animation Crank Handle association and there is10 installations which represent the latest efforts by the association. The animators are Jan Andersson, Maria Björklund, Ami Lindholm, Tommi Juutilainen, Reetta Neittaanmäki, Kaisa Penttilä, Aiju Salminen, Kristian Simolin, Mark Ståhle and Niina Suominen.
The exhibition aims to bridge the gap between animation and fine arts. Works include an interactive painting (Shoo!), a cross stiched, interactive animation, where the motion is created through the viewers own motion (Rushed Through) and a Lilliput, trapped in a small stereoscopic box. The versatile exhibition presents also a short film of a mannequin spending a weekend on the countryside, one of a jogging Herman Göring as well as five other works.
Exhibition in Tampere is open till 25th March 2012.

Animoi! Ahdistaa / HelpottaaFeb 25-March 25
Works by Finnish animators
Curated by Animaation apupyörä ry

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