Harhaanhohtava/UV Fright
Ylva-Lii Wahlström (2D digital, 2´20, 2019)
Everything looks odd when you’re drunk. But is there actually something weird about this party?

Pauliina Linjama (2D digital, 3´20, 2019)
A robot discovers nature for the first time.


Mustat maalaukset/Black Paintings
Toivo Tonta (Digital animation, 3´06, 2019)
A formalistic auteur-film about the black paintings of our times.

Mikko Aumala ( 2D animation, 3´, 2019)
Three small people drinking mushroom-tea.

Emma Rautala (2D animation, 5´33, 2019)
Who you really are behind all your masks?

Pulla/ Bun Yum Yum
Sade Lahti (2D animation, 2´30, 2019)
A manic depressive baker tries to find some solace in a new recipe.

Hänen päänsä/Her Head
Emma Louhivuori (2D animation, 7´00, 2019)
A woman’s life is difficult, because her head is a cat.

Inari Halme (2D animation, 3´37, 2019)
A dancer stumbles upon a pitiful creature and tries to help it.

Dagen efter/The Morning After The Night Before
Elli Maanpää, Anna-Emilia Mikkola, Aino Eronen, Linda Pihlajaniemi
(Puppet animation, 2’33, 2018)
What happens in art gallery, stays in art gallery

Minä en ole hiirulainen/I Am Not a Mousey
Linda Pihlajaniemi ( 2D-animation, 2´27, 2017)
Could I be something else than a mousey?

Karhut kalassa
Ville Tanttu (2D animation, 2´20, 2018)
Two bears are fishing by the river

Konsta Hormia (2D animation 2´35, 2018)
Once again the sun is missing from the Northern lowlands.

Inari Halme, Emma Louhivuori and Anni Nykänen (puppet animation 2´07, 2018)
Girl and Monkey accidentally invite a visitor from the beyond.

Näkökulma / Point of Wiew
Elli Maanpää (2D animation 2´20, 2017)
The view is in the eye of the beholder. Which window will you open?

Cootie Catcher
Sonja Yrjölä (1´56, 2017)
Playtime gets an unpleasant interruption.

Heta Okkonen, Heikki Takala, Janne Suni (3´18, 2016)
It’s opening day. All is well and ready, or is it?

The Black Box
Emma Louhivuori (3´57, 2016)
The girl’s knitting is sabotaged by a creature from the black box.

The Picker
Mika Koskinen, Reetta Hietaranta, Frida Lindholm, Hanne Härkönen, Janna-Riina Perämäki, Noemi Scherer  (2´58, 2016)
A mushroom hunt takes a strange turn.

Jouko Raudasoja (3´32, 2015)
Once upon a time in the dry west they happen to test what is the measure of a man.

saanaherranen_sattuipaufo-pellollapieni2_still7One time at the Ufo field
Saana Herranen (2´58, 2015)
An enthusiastic UFO researcher finally comesface to face with a real alien, but nothing goes quite as expected.

Nocturnal Butterfly
Annika Dahlsten (5´03min, 2015)
Memento mori – remember that you must die. Questions of life and death are  evoked in this poetic animation.

Viikset1The Moustaches
Anni Oja (3´30min, 2015)
This town is not big enough for the two of them. Nor their moustaches.

Markus Tervola (3´21min, 2015)
There is so much one can take. A salaryman tries to deal withmounting stress.

My Head Is An Eggmyheadisanegg Oona Paukkonen (5’55 min, 2014)
A man’s journey to find out who he really is.

rockyroadRocky Road
Sirpa Loivarinne (3’34 min, 2014)
Little Rock is trying to find his place in the world.

Heta Jäälinoja (2’34 min, 2013)
Something between or beyond a man and a woman.

poytaonkatettu_pienThe table is set
Sini Pietiläinen, Anni Oja, Markus Tervola, Taru Riskilä, Miira Tonteri, Nuppu Nykyri(4’26 min, 2013)
Unsuspecting servant faces unforeseen challenges in upstairs and downstairs.

Claudia Hidvégi , Sirpa Loivarinne, Kalle Rantakallio, Tuuli Sihvonen,  Juulia Valkola (4’40 min, 2013)
Bartender dreams about the life of a skilled jazz musician.

viisvarpaista No time for toes
Kari Pieskä (7’58 min, 2013)
How does a father do? A short film about eating, sleeping and brushing the teeth.

dikotomia3 Dichotomy
Tapani Tolonen (6’50 min, 2013)
The film deals with different dichotomies in European culture starting from gender and ending in blender.

nahkurinorsillatavataan_pien Under my skin
Taru Riskilä ( 1′ 22 min  , 2013)
A hare with bad intentions.

My baby don’t love me
Heta Jäälinoja ( 3′ 50 min  , 2012)

Torsti and Pilvi
Olli Hurskainen ( 2’58 min , 2012)

Liisa Kareranta (1 ’ 30 min, 2012)
A rabbit tries to find its inspiration.

When One Stops
Jenni Rahkonen (6’30 min, 2012)
The world won’t stop turning even when one stops turning with it.

A Cup of Tea
Emma Kunnari (2’22 min, 2012)
A lady has cruel intentions during a romantic cup of tea.

In a Bottle
Ville Äijö (2’38 min, 2012)
Man decides to spend quality time with his bottle.

Learning to Play
JP Saari (8’45 min, 2011)
Beyond an old fence is an unknown wilderness.

The One Hundred and Fiftieth Day
Pauli Laasonen (9’44min, 2011)
Throughout his life, a man is haunted by the images of his childhood.

Janne Kukkonen (6’40min, 2011)
Old man stumbles upon a strange stone which reveals the deeper essence of sauna.

Chest of drawers
Sanni Lahtinen (7’14 min, 2011)
What is there for a chest to do when a little mischievous guest messes up her drawers?

Joni Männistö (7’18 min, 2011)
A child discovers life inside a dead bird and starts to play with it.

Murky Papers
Heta Jokinen (8’02min, 2011)
Everybody needs a hiding place but it can only last a while.

Hoppity Hop
Elina Kylmänen (2’43 min, 2011)
With ways of tenderness little bubblegum blowing girl defends her right to bounce.

The Cake
Emmi Heimonen (2’29 min, 2011)
A cake is brought to prison.

Just sand
Kari Pieskä (3’30 min, 2011)
Two kids are making sand cakes. Other kid is talented with the making and the other one is not. In the end, what´s the difference?  It’s just sand.

Noora Klaavu (1’25 min, 2011)
Love can strike anyone, with different outcomes.

Over and Out
Elina Kylmänen, Tapani Tolonen, Kari Pieskä (9’22 min, 2011)
Living with his unyielding father in a cramped home drives a boy to the edge.

Problem solving in a Lower Dimension
Anton Sundström (3’33 min, 2011)
A two-dimensional problem is often easily solved with the help of the third dimension. As we’re faced with difficult situations, we often seem to be stuck in a lower dimension, lacking a full understanding of the problem at hand.

The Tongueling
Elli Vuorinen (4’15 min, 2010)
Wooden knocks are echoing in a frozen landscape when a lonesome man is searching for a tongueling of his own.

Who dares?
Sanni Lahtinen (3’53 min
, 2010)
People of the city gather to honor their leader, but a shameless whistle disturbs the worshipping.

Casual Friday
Tapani Tolonen (3’02 min, 2010)
A non-alcoholic film on the social aspects of heavy drinking.

Pinja Partanen, Jasmiini Ottelin, Elli Vuorinen (7 ’49 min, 2009)
A man suffers from loneliness until he finds an unexpected solution – under his arm

Milla Nybondas (8’ 55 min, 2009)

The Trap
Joni Männistö, Janne Kukkonen, JP Saari, Mikko Korhonen (4’33 min, 2008)
A heart-warmingly shivering story of a girl, her father and a fish.

Anne Savitie (8 ’40 min, 2008)
Everyday life of a family ends when the head of the family grows out of the house.  Mother starts to unravel while daughter starts to grow.


Simo Ruotsalainen (3’54 min, 2008)
A furry trickster on wheels pulls some unusual pranks on a hapless yet huge forest gorilla.

The Royal Family
Taru Varpumaa (5’04 min, 2008)
The royalities appear mysteriously in the middle of ordinary family.

Death in The Yellow House
Anna Virtanen (4’52 min, 2008)
Death in The Yellow House is a film about taking chances, confronting things, following your instincts and questioning their reliability.

Stage Fright
Elina Minn (1’47 min, 2008)
A visual play on a face. Stage Fright illustrates the moment of anxiety before the performance.

The Year I Cut My Hair
Ami Lindholm (5’16 min, 2008)
A group of people at the crossroad of their lives. Each one bears a burden and at times, everything seems impossible. However, the rules can be bent and one can head towards happiness, together or alone.

The Last Elephant
Antti Laakso (8 ’38 min, 2008)
Elephant-boy is living his happy childhood in a skyscraper with his crocodile-father. Recurring nightmares and strange feeling of unease make him ask questions about his origins. Is it better to live in a lie than have to face the truth?

The Park
Olli Laamanen (3’47 min, 2008)
A playful story of understanding between an animal and a park. Unusual things make the park wake up and take part in what’s going on.

Kristina Zickute-Laine (4’07 min, 2007)
Eye runs away from her mistress in order to explore surrounding world.

The Idol
Sanna Vilmusenaho (4’08 min, 2007)
The idol conquers the hearts of people with her lovely hair. In the meantime problems grow bigger.

Albert Laine, Simo Ruotsalainen, Ville Korpela (5’13 min, 2007)

Antti Laakso (6’25 min, 2007)
Two lone travellers cross their paths in the dead of night. As the miles go by their deadly secrets start to unfold.

Feral Ways
Simo Ruotsalainen (2’17 min, 2007)
The pig holds the coveted apple within its grasp

Bird House
Ami Lindholm, Elina Minn, Anna Virtanen (7´03 min, 2007)
A house hunting couple isn’t aware, that their future is already being planned in the other room.

Shadow Play
Sanna Vilmusenaho (3’55 min, 2007)
Children are left alone to entertain themselves. Can a shadow on the wall defeat the pink bunny on TV?

The Irresistible Smile
Ami Lindholm (6´21 min, 2006)
An aeroplane full of nasty passengers. The air hostess tries to keep everyone satisfied.

Frozen Visitor
Antti Laakso, Anne Savitie, Sanna Vilmusenaho, Olli Laamanen (7’32 min, 2006)
Two bears wake up from their hibernation but is it spring yet? And where is Mr. Sandman?

Sara Wahl ( 1 ’37 min, 2006)
How to survive as a horsie?

The Elastic Barber
Milla Nybondas (5’22 min, 2005)
During a normal day at work, helping frozen customers, the barber have to stretch up to space to get back his   hat from an annoying bee. The customers follow him up and try to help the barber, who has got stuck in a star. Fortunately, a mosquito helps them down, and the barber get back his hat. In the end the customers can go home satisfied.

Anna Virtanen (2’35 min, 2005)

The Great Hunter
Taru Varpumaa (3’57 min, 2005)
The scientist lives in an old apartment and he’s interested in curious hunting. An old neighbour is disturbed by his noisy doings.

For Whom the Bell Jingles
Samppa Kukkonen (6’50 min, 2005)
A terrible accident in the northern woods ruins Christmas for everyone.

CHRZU (9’35 min, 2004)
A girl painting graffiti in the night is led to a cinema where to her horror she finds herself on the blood-red screen.

Humble desires
Tommi Juutilainen (6´39min, 2004)
Eccentric adventures in a wonderland of individualism. Film contains one comical sequence.

Aiju  Salminen (6’29min, 2004)
Panda and Monster turn a Karaoke-bar into a musical battlefield.

Samppa Kukkonen, Sara Wahl, Simo Koivunen (6’20 min, 2004)
A bird and a bat live in a tree as neighbours. Their different lifestyles raise a conflict between them.

Niina Suominen (7’30min, 2004)
Where is the line between approach and retreat?

Janne Hyvönen (2’30 min, 2003)
A Girl, animal and other people

Niina Suominen (5’30min, 2003)
Is symbiosis the way to happiness or in its way? To be on the way is what counts.

CHRZU (4’35 min, 2003)
Underworld underwater. At the bottom someone might hear your cry. The ones that have been too deep never return to the surface.

CHRZU, Aino Ovaskainen, Aiju Salminen (6’06min, 2002)
Hard times when trees play hard to get and things only get harder by the minute.

Way to Go
Samppa Kukkonen  (6’25 min, 2002)
The way to the top.

Yeah Wolf
Janne Hyvönen, Lauri Järvenpää, Christer Hägglund (4’54min, )
Romance and flat excitement

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