Sister of Mine (Siskoni)
Laura Malinen (15’00 min, 2019)
Jonna gets invited to visit her mother, but she is left alone with her little sister, Milja, when their mother goes out to drink. Jonna has to face the fact that nothing has changed.  (fiction)

Shaky Pants (Punttien tutina)
Eetu Helenius (5’20 min, 2019)
Love is a many-splendored thing at the gym. (fiction)

In God’s Pocket (Luojan kukkarossa)
Elias Koskinen (20’06 min, 2019)
Trying to life as well as possible. (documentary)

 A Man’s Best Friend (Ihmisen paras ystävä)
Anton Lipasti (9’51 min, 2019)
A lonely man finds a best friend. (fiction)

The Gun (Pyssy)
Anton Lipasti (11’00 min, 2018)
A meek police officer’s gun is stolen at a public bathroom. (fiction)

Kalle Kolin (2018)
Nordic mythical science fiction about the fear of loss and inevitable acceptance. (fiction)

Some Ways to Get Rid of a Body (Joitain tapoja hävittää ruumis)
Hannes Renvall & Ria Bäckström (20’43 min, 2017)
In the afterglow of his own bachelor party, a woman grabs the young man by the ankle. (fiction)

Don’t Let The Light Fade Out (Älä anna valon sammua)
Veera Hyvärinen (12’49 min, 2017)
There’s something in the dark. (fiction)

The Tortoise and the Hare (Kilpikonna ja jänis)
Taneli Lassila (9’18 min, 2017)
Respect your fellow man! (fiction)

The Prisoner (Vanki)
Anton Lipasti (5’47 min, 2017)
An erroneous beheading during the Cudgel War. (fiction)

Tuuli Tuominen (29’27 min, 2017)
When the surrounding world is filled with unkown familiar faces. (fiction)

Stuck (Fast / Jumissa)
Ria Bäckström (39’50 min, 2017)
An uncomfortable jump into the shared loneliness of the married couple of Marie and Burk. (fiction)

Wrestling Dreams (Painiunelmia)
Eveliina Pasanen (26’01 min, 2017)
A daughter and a father, and their journey towards the father’s last wrestling competition. (documentary)

smallThe Urn (Uurna)
Anton Lipasti (19’38 min, 2016)
A peaceful day gets interrupted by crime, drama and comedy. (fiction)

small1Galaxy (Galaksi)
Fanny Viitaharju (11’30 min, 2015)
Creativity and longing do not belong to the standards of a gray world. (fiction)

Fyr Romu (11’46 min, 2015)
A bullied schoolboy finds a magical friend. (fiction)

smallOde (Hyvästi, Nikolai – Ode)
Ria Bäckström (8’00 min, 2014)
Musical film about the magic of the summer night and an interrupted journey. (fiction)

small Early Snow (Ensilumi)
Ria Bäckström (4’25 min, 2014)
A muslim girl sees her first snow and decides to apply for the job she wants. (fiction)

Iile Lempiäinen (17’44 min, 2014)
What if heaven isn’t the paradise it’s made out to be? (fiction)

smallbLittle Blue Tapir (Pieni sininen tapiiri)
Salla Kallio (15’30 min, 2014)
Should you let strange tapirs into your house just like that? (fiction)

small2The Silence of Our Friends (Hiljaiset ystävät)
Iile Lempiäinen (9’43 min, 2014)
Teacher finds an unusual way to convey the children’s situation to parents. (fiction)

image01smallAlways by Your Side (Vierellä käy)
Iina Hänninen (13’05 min, 2014)
Katariina seeks balance between her family and the world around her. (fiction)

smallWeep Not for Me, O Mother (Älä itke minua, äitini)
Joel Autio (6’33 min, 2014)
Leena’s daughter is no longer at home. Suddenly she feels her life is meaningless. What remains is either petrifying loneliness or eternal bliss of the icons. (fiction)

Lasse Välkkilä (8’59 min, 2014)
A downtrodden man reacts. (fiction)

image02smallFreedom – Fish Without Wine Is Poison (Vapaus eli Kala ilman viiniä on myrkkyä)
Antero Sälpäkivi (19’53 min, 2014)
In the near future the only legal norm is selfishness. (fiction)

smallWho Has the Bigger Dick? (Kummalla on isompi muna?)
Perttu Hangaslahti (1’42 min, 2013)
A manly man should be well endowed. (fiction)

Anna Vepsäläinen (8’29 min, 2013)
Two young ladies go camping in the woods. (fiction)

smallMiss Eleonoora and The Bottle Bottom (Neiti Eleonoora ja pullonpohja) 
Pauliina Talikka (6’00 min, 2013)
To see clearly, you must go through the bottom. (fiction)

smallTea Party (Teekutsut)
Pauliina Talikka (10’00 min, 2013)
Love continues, if you accept it. (fiction)

smallYour Mom Doesn’t Get It (Mutsis ei tajuu)
Pauliina Talikka (2’52 min, 2013)
Two boys connect among the city graffiti. (fiction)

Hannes Renvall (6’28 min, 2013)
A girl finds a bird. (fiction)

smallAmong Others (Yksi muista)
Anna Törrönen (7’09 min, 2013)
Youth moving on the borderline between good and anxious. (fiction)

blogDropping Oranges (Appelsiinitarina)
Salla Kallio (4’37 min, 2013)
A girl tries to find love in her own way. (fiction)

smallMaelstrom (Kurimus)
Petri Erkkilä (23’25 min, 2013)
A small-time con man falls deeper into the underworld and into his own mind during his search for his ex-girlfriend. (fiction)

savu7bSmoke (Savu)
Iina Lempiäinen (10’00 min, 2013)
Pyry goes out to have smoke. (fiction)

Iina Hänninen (10’00 min, 2013)
Maria and her son go to have a picnic. Little Nikolas is never seen again. (fiction)

Antero Sälpäkivi (10’00 min, 2013)
Eventually she must come. (fiction)

blogiUs – Two Rascals (Me ystävät hulivilit)
Salla Kallio (12’33 min, 2013)
A friendship unswayed by absent-mindedness and societal norms. (documentary)

bisnespummiThe Last Drop (Viimeinen pisara)
Lasse Välkkilä (6’10 min, 2013)
A working man’s life is hard. (fiction)

muotokuvaWatching Paint Dry (Muotokuva)
Mies Mikkonen (11’32 min, 2013)
A young artist paints a very special portrait of an army leader. (fiction)

PitsaperjantaiPizza Friday (Pitsaperjantai)
Tiina Louhula (5’15 min, 2013)
Jouni takes care of his manic depressive mother. (fiction)

Dark End Of The Rainbow
Erkki Jakobsson (16’00 min, 2012)
After the zombie-apocalypse, a lesbian couple continues to survive in an abandoned industrial complex. (fiction)

The Shell (Kilpi)
Pauliina Talikka (3’03 min, 2012)
When dad dies, a young woman turns into a turtle. (documentary)

Mies Mikkonen (6’00 min, 2012)
Certain responses to inkblots. (fiction)

Angel in the Snow (Lumienkeli)
Kasimir Högnäs (19’21 min, 2012)
Marko wants to follow Kaisa until the very end. (fiction)

HankikantoShe Has Your Eyes (Hankikanto)
Katja Niemi (19’41 min, 2012)
An abortion. (fiction)

Lighthouse Island Lights (Majakkasaaren valot)
Mindele Baran (9’49 min, 2012)
The school on the wintery island of Utö. (documentary)

Turnaround (Kääntyminen)
Antero Sälpäkivi (7’16 min, 2012)
Granny’s wild afternoon gets to an expected turn when a man stops his walk in the streets of neglectful city. (fiction)

No Shame Family
Häpy selän alla: Paljon onnea, Jesse (muttei Jonne)!
Rami Airola (13’05 min, 2012)
Mom and dad are doing their best to lead their boy Jesse to get some long awaited sexual action. Jesse’s little brother Jonne gets jealous, frustrated and angry. (fiction)

The Seed (Siemen)
Pauliina Talikka (4’55 min, 2012)
A woman finds a bottle from the shore, another a golden berry from the forest. How life originates? This is one version. (fiction)

Family Party
Kaarina Pönkkä (4’45 min, 2012)
This is a party. Finnish party. (fiction)

Plan IX
Petri Erkkilä & Erkki Jakobsson(13’00 min, 2011)
After she died, they came. (fiction)

Tom of Finland
Mies Mikkonen (9’43 min, 2011)
Tom of Finland’s former model contemplates the artist and the man. (documentary)

Just The Way I Am (Sellaisena kuin olen)
Iina Lempiäinen (8’54 min, 2011)
A sweet story of a young man who wants to be loved just the way he is. (fiction)

See Me (Näe minut)
Joonas Rutanen (15’22 min, 2011)
Saana wants to be found. (fiction)

Mindele Baran (6’37 min, 2011)
Matti is a strange man. “3” is the story of his endeavors to lead a normal life during the course of one day. (fiction)

The Crow (Varis)
Katja Niemi (9’00 min, 2011)
The forest is dark and scary. Julia is left behind by her friends, who don`t want to play with her. Julia finds a dead crow, who’s telling her something. (fiction)

Pauliina Talikka (8’30 min, 2011)
Heartbleeding film about an abandoned husband, who launches an absurd revenge. (fiction)

Sounds From Under Ground (Ääniä maan alta)
Janne Leimola (31’00 min, 2011)
A legendary rock club from hardcore punk to jamsessions 1956-2010. (documentary)
opening credits animation:

smallHello Sexy! – Summer With Grandmother (Hello Sexy! – kesä mummin kanssa)
Piia Hirvensalo (26’00 min, 2010)
Grandmother and her granddaughter are living together for the summer. It isn’t easy. (documentary)

Big Bad Girls (Isot Pahat Tytöt)
Katja Niemi (5’33 min, 2010)
Who is afraid of the Big Bad Girls? (fiction)

Under The Ropes (Narujen alla)
Maria Oinonen (15’00 min, 2010)
A journey into the human mind and an attempt to get out of there. (fiction)

The Good End (Hyvä loppu)
Veera Lehtola (27’00 min, 2010)
Film about death and about living with mortality. (documentary)

Heart of Christmas (Joulun sydän)
Henrik Röman (13’53 min, 2010)
Father and son have to face Christmas and each other in a new situation. (fiction)

The Orchestra (Orkesteri)
Veera Lehtola & Joonas Rutanen (7’40 min, 2010)
A film about carrying heavy loads. It is a story of the musicians making their journey to the concert hall. The road is full of hurdles and they have to figure out a way of getting to their destination. Sooner or later, one of them must step into bigger boots. (fiction)

Risto Honkasalmi (21 min, 2010)
A young man Matu is doing his non-military service in an institute for mentally disabled adults. Matu hates his work. Another young man lives at the institute, Jaakko. He is a mentally disabled patient who would give anything to be friends with Matu. (fiction)

The Step (Askel)
Essi Tarvonen (12 min, 2010)
The Step is a story about a young man who learns, that no matter how fast you run, you can not run away from your past. (fiction)

Stay-At-Home-Hippie (Kotihippi)
Jenni Samio (9’06 min, 2010)
The couch is occupied by a constant visitor. (fiction)

Fatherland (Isän valtakunta)
Miki Brunou (25’54 min, 2010)
Fatherland is a documentary about a family torn apart by the twisted ambitions of a father dwelling in the realms of extreme politics and occult mysticism. (documentary)

Homeless – Day And Night (Irtolainen – päivä ja yö)
Antti Polojärvi (14’00 min, 2010)
The daily routines of one homeless man. (documentary)

Jaakko Kaján (21’50 min, 2009)
Every hat trick has its price. (fiction)

Meeting Bernard
Joonas Rutanen & Otso Reunanen (7’40 min, 2009)
Sometimes when searching, you may find someone, whom you may once have found. (fiction)

The Goat of Christmas past (Pukin laulu)
Mikael Palsio & Lauri Löytökoski (10’51 min, 2009)
A young man gets possessed by the dark side of his subconsciousness on a Christmas night. (fiction)

Father’s Day (Isänpäivä)
Joonas Rutanen (11’00 min, 2009)
The long waited day together starts with great expectations but the distance on a map has also grown between people. (fiction)

My Sweet Little Boobs
Bo Kyung Kim (4’55 min, 2009)
Women in the whole world can be classified into 5 types. (documentary)

“R” Is For Realdoll (R niinkuin Realdoll)
Katja Niemi (6’51 min, 2009)
A documentary film of a realdoll for rental use. (documentary)

This Is Fakin Finland Perkele
Janne Rehmonen (20’50 min, 2009)
Joni was a young and promising ice hockey player. The gold medal from the 1998 World U20 Championships was proof of that. Ten years after the success his life is something totally different from what he wanted and what his father had hoped for. (fiction)

Dates (Treffit)
Joonas Rutanen (1’40 min, 2009)
A film about crush. (fiction)

Inversion (Inversio)
Johanna Erholtz (7’00 min, 2009)
Searching for sexual identity. (documentary)

Child of Frankenstein (Frankensteinin lapsi)
Mikael Palsio (9’50 min, 2009)
A researcher of life and death, Viktor Frankenstein gets a chance to test his experiments in action, when an accident takes the life of his child. (fiction)

Under the Surface (Pinnan alla)
Veera Lehtola & Aino Ahokas (7’00 min, 2009)
Memories of one childhood summer around an abandoned swimming pool. (fiction)

Sideline (Sivuraja)
Essi Tarvonen (2’40 min, 2009)
Sideline is a movie about two boys, a girl, and a football moment. (fiction)

The Windshelter (Tuulensuoja)
Jussi Vesanto (20’00 min, 2008)
Little Tuulia’s family is far from perfect, and the volatile combination ends up in violence. (fiction)

Bouncer (Poke)
Janne Rehmonen (15’00 min, 2008)
One night among all the other nights for the bouncer. (fiction)

Song Man (Laulumies)
Henrik Röman (4’50 min, 2008)
Self-portrait-documentary of the feelings after ending a band. (documentary)

Bruce Norris
Jaakko Kaján (12’47 min, 2008)
Four young men spend their last hungover afternoon together on a parking lot of a disused gas station. (fiction)

Oiva’s stable (Oivan talli)
Tiina Tanskanen (20’35 min, 2008)
Oiva Hirvonen lives peacefully with his horses and ponies after a long career running a stable of ponies. (documentary)

The Man in the Middle
Mika Kurvinen & Joonas Rutanen (14’00 min, 2008)
The most beautiful love story ever seen on the screen. There are apples. It all happens in an apartment building. It’s genious, but Ben Average just can’t put it on paper. (fiction)

Shutter Speed (Valotusaika)
Riikka Holmberg (21’52 min, 2008)
While Battling with grief over her mother’s death, Maria meets a pair of brothers. (fiction)

Tuomas Hakala (6’18 min, 2008)
When a woman finds a man. (fiction)

small1Greetings From Far Away (Terveiset kaukaa)
Saara Tamminen (4’19 min, 2008)
A man searches for a release from his memories. (fiction)

Nuikka’s Laundry (Nuikan Pyykit)
Einari Paakkanen (10’11 min, 2007)
Is dirt anything that is misplaced? Caretaker Nuikka meets three neighboring grannies. An absurd comedy about sexuality, dirt and cleanliness. (fiction)

Tree House (Maja)
Riikka Holmberg (11’59 min, 2007)
Three boys build a tree house, which has a strange effect on their neighborhood. (fiction)

10 Days (10 Päivää)
Aada Niilola (9 ’45 min, 2007)
What would you do if you had ten days to live? (experimental documentary)

Alone Together (Yksin yhdessä)
Antti Polojärvi (10’23 min, 2007)
Psychiatric patients are having a picnic. (documentary)

The Blue Note
Jori Grönroos (30’20 min, 2006)
For a few days a retired jazz pianist crosses paths with a strange little girl. (fiction)

Three Words About Love (Kolme sanaa rakkaudesta)
Pirjo Ojala (21’7 min, 2006)
A story of Marika who slides between different options in an abusive relationship. Is it possible to forgive everything without losing your soul? (fiction)

The Bird (Lintu)
Mikko Myllylahti (8’38 min, 2006)
Bad deeds done in childhood repeat tragically. (fiction)

The Night of The Lizard (Liskon yö)
Pirjo Ojala (3’00 min, 2006)
Sometimes you get feedback from a surprising source. (fiction)

Null and Void – The unhappy end of Esteban von Nachban (Mitätön – Esteban von Nachbanin onneton loppu)
Joonas Allonen (17’20 min, 2006)
Are You useful? A grim fantasy about an inventor, a nullification officer and a miraculous music machine. (fiction)

Shower (Suihku)
Illusia Sarvas (7’22 min, 2006)
If your life is a mess, thing to do is take a shower. (fiction)

Tomato Soup (Tomaattikeitto)
Tiina Laine & Miina Rokosa (9’00 min, 2006)
Somebody stabbed Liisa’s husband to death in their apartment. (fiction)

The Rope (Köysi)
Miki Brunou (11 min, 2006)
An allegorical story about personal freedom and material culture. (fiction)

Return of the Loved One (Rakkaimman paluu)
Antti Reikko (6’50 min, 2006)
An artist wants to find out what he has created. (fiction)

The Following Summer (Kesää myöhemmin)
Iida Rauma, Anitta Kiviranta, Emma Vartiainen (12’28 min, 2006)
A midsummernight’s dream turns into a nightmare. (fiction)

Turku 2011
Otso Reunanen (9’58 min, 2006)
Application film for the European Capital of Culture project. (documentary)

Muse (Muusa)
Jussi Vesanto (3’00 min, 2006)
Helsinki 1930. New Year’s Eve. In a certain hotelroom a peculiar painter gets ready to work (fiction)

Childhood (Lapsuuden peruja)
Mikael Palsio (5’00 min, 2006)
An innocent patient hears an ambulance siren and sets out for a journey. He finds a new friend and learns about the burden of guilt. (fiction)

Finding Hare (Jänismetsällä)
Jussi Vesanto (12’10 min, 2005)
A small film about a dog and his best friend. (documentary)

The Crane (Nosturi)
Hanna Asunta (10’00 min, 2005)
Spiritual guts are not to be found on the latitude. -Sakkeus 30.4.2003- (fiction)

Private patch (Paikka maailmassa)
Kristiina Karsten (2’50 min, 2005)
A lady finds an opportunity to be creative. (fiction)

Seal (Hylje)
Miia Tervo (9’00 min, 2005)
A young woman explains why she travelled all the way to the other side of the world, with only a tiny plastic seal, a tooth brush and a pair of knickers in her suitcase. (documentary)

Cock and Cow (Kukko ja lehmä)
Jukka Niittymaa (3’52 min. 2005)
Insomnia making dreams come true. (fiction)

It’s Me! (Det er eg!)
Nina Normann (17’00 min, 2005)
The colorful adventures of the Norwegian Ola Vasseng. Since Ola has disappeared on his last journey, his friends get to tell his story. (documentary)

smallIndulgence (Nautinto)
Joonas Allonen (6’00 min, 2005)
The best gums are chewn alone. (fiction)

smallThe Drowned (Hukkuneet)
Mikko Myllylahti (13’54 min, 2005)
An artist and his vision. (fiction)

First Day at Work (Työpäivä)
Sakari Luhtala (17’00 min, 2004)
A new worker comes to the site. He is not actually needed, but he is there. (fiction)

Heavy Rotation
Olli Leppänen (3’20 min, 2004)
Everything you ever wanted to know about making hit music. In 3 Minutes. (fiction)

small Howdy! (Terve!)
Antti L.J. Pääkkönen (4’09 min, 2004)
Urban horror. (fiction)

First Frost (Ensipakkasella on aina hiljaista)
Heidi Sadonkorpi (15’46 min, 2004)
Nothing stays the same after the first frost. (fiction)

What May Come (Katsotaan mitä tulee)
Joonas Kiviharju (30’00 min, 2004)
A girl shows super 8 films on the street. (fiction)


Just Another Friday Night (Perjantai)
Heidi Sadonkorpi (14’41 min, 2004)
Just another Friday night, after which everything has changed, but it all goes on again next Friday.

Some peace of mind (Pahanmielenrauha)
Jori Grönroos (12’35 min, 2004)
Bad things happen to young Esa during his day at school. (fiction)

The Shady Side (Varjopuoli)
Jaani Nurisalo (18’10 min, 2004)
There’s something coming in the air tonight. (fiction)

Something Beautiful (Jotain kaunista)
Riikka Holmberg (9’00 min, 2004)
First really bad cruch at a parkbench. (fiction)

Last Day of a Car (Auton viimeinen päivä)
Lotta Suistoranta (6’52 min, 2004)
After thousands of shared miles it’s the time for the girl and the car to part.

Not For Sale
Hannele Kauppinen (38’47 min, 2004)
Three young Americans try to challenge capitalism. (documentary)

99 Years of My Life (99 vuotta elämästäni)
Marja Mikkonen (33’00 min, 2003)
A fictional autobiography (experimental film).

Salty Liquorice Abduction (Salmiakki-Abduktio)
Joonas Kiviharju (9’17 min, 2003)
Conversations in a commune kitchen. (fiction)

smallMy Little Elephants (Minun pikku elefanttini)
Selma Vilhunen (24’00 min, 2003)
Maria Ivanova lives by the Seliger lake in Russia and has a peaceful day with her cows and cats. (documentary)

Hunger (Nälkä)
Hanna Asunta (3’55 min, 2003)
Hungry women clash at night. (fiction)

Somewhere Over The Rainbow (Siivet)
Heidi Sadonkorpi (4’05 min, 2002)
What is it to be a nice girl? (fiction)

Second class sister (Sekundasisko)
Katri Aaltio (8’00 min, 2002)
Asta can’t even get to the pub in her wheelchair. (fiction)

Cold Feet (Kylmät varpaat)
Sini Liimatainen (5’00 min, 2002)
People drifting. (fiction)

Fabrication (Kangastus)
Anu Lehtonen (13’09 min, 2002)
A young man goes to have his suit tailor made. (fiction)

Crucian Carp (Ruutana)
Selma Vilhunen (10’00 min, 2000)
A girl’s best friend is a fish, and the object of her fascination works on a building site. (fiction)

Sami Haartemo (9’03 min, 2000)
Movement for a TV-screen. Action and thoughts. (dance video)

Hidden Freedom (Kätketty vapaus)
Anna-Kaisa Vihavainen (31’00 min, 2000)
Personal memories about the Finnish Weapons Cache Case after WWII. (documentary)

A day with Dad (Päivä isän kanssa)
Selma Vilhunen (12’00 min, 2000)
A summer day with father. A day that never came. (documentary)

Dear Lara (Rakas Lara)
Annukka Salo (13’00 min, 2000)
Lara has always been a daddy’s girl. (fiction)

Living Below Zero (Elämää pakkasella)
Riina Leskelä (32’00 min, 2000)
It’s the last night of the year 1999, and Finland is ready to greet the new millennium. (documentary)

Summerfrost (Takatalvi)
Max Lindholm (3’00 min, 2000)
Two old men, a field and an axe. (fiction)

This Moment (Tämä hetki)
Selma Vilhunen (29’00 min, 1999)
A film about three dementia patients. Life of a dementia patient is worth living if people around him are willing to help. (documentary)

The Drawer’s Contract (Piirtäjän sopimus)
Anu Lehtonen (2’14 min, 1999)
A big film about a student. (documentary)

Sudan Story (Sudanilainen tarina)
Hanna Toiviainen (24’11 min, 1999)
Sadness, longing and the magical power of culture seen through Sudanese refugees living in Holland. (documentary)

Rhythm of Life (Elämän rytmi)
Kimmo Jaatinen (9’00 min, 1998)
Turku University Hospital (documentary)

Bye, Bye Baby
Sami Haartemo (6’00 min, 1998)
Two lovers love each other too much or not enough. (fiction)

In The Ghetto
Jan Merilä (8’25 min, 1998)
A little boy thinks Elvis is his father. (fiction)

… and the key thrown into heaven (… ja avain heitetty taivaaseen)
Salla Taskinen (14’00 min, 1998)
Two sisters taking steps towards adulthood with the key seriously lost. (fiction)

Sampo Marjomaa (13’00 min, 1998)
An evil policeman threatens the lives of youngsters. (fiction)

A Way Out (Kylä, tie)
Max Lindholm (11’00 min, 1998)
In a little village it is hard to go on with such dreams as Veera has about her future. (fiction)

A long winter (Pitkä talvi)
Urho Kähkönen (27’00 min, 1998)
At the end of love there are no magic tricks. (subjective documentary)

Edward Kojonen (5’32 min, 1998)
Music video for the local band “Lowely Worm”.

We come from Underground
Anja Ahola (29’59 min, 1998)
Two Cuban death-metal rockers aspire to success in the decaying fortress of socialism. (documentary)

The Borrowers (Lainaajat)
Teppo Nuutinen (21’06 min. 1997)
The Junttila brothers go to the library. (fiction)

Sleeping Beauty’s Dreams (Ruususen unet)
Emilia Lehtinen (12’30 min, 1997)
A creative fairy-tale best suited for adult audiences. (fiction)

itämaistaOriental Love (Itämaista rakkautta)
Laura Joutsi (11’00 min, 1997)
For happy people everyday life is best. (fiction)

Shadow of a Pitchfork (Talikon varjossa)
Teppo Nuutinen (20’00 min, 1997)
Young lovers on the run. (fiction)

Surprise Pepperone
Matleena Jänis (15’00 min, 1996)
Emma wakes up and discovers a strange new addition between her legs. (fiction)

small A School for Men (Miesten koulu)
Visa Koiso-Kanttila (28’17 min, 1994)
Life of the army privates. (documentary)

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