Eurolta for Online Teaching Certification

EUROLTA is an internationally recognised qualification for those who wish to teach modern languages to adults. It is recognised by all member organisations of the ICC (international language association).

In order to gain the Eurolta for Online Teaching diploma, the trainee has to complete contact days, distance work, participate actively and demonstrate understanding and application of the knowledge and skills learnt on the course by submitting the dossier and giving a demonstration online. There will also be a group project.

The course duration is 5 ects: 5 contact days and distance work (the dossier).

The candidates should write their dossier in English or Finnish. If in Finnish, an abstract in English should be included.

All tasks in the dossier should reflect understanding and ability to apply knowledge and skills of topics covered in the modules; the trainee should be able to explain and justify the choice of methodology and tools used for each task.

The Master Trainers will help you in preparing the dossier through collaboration by offering support and professional advice.

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