My day as a student in Finland

I am a night person so that basically means that I am more active in the night than in the day. This also means that I go to bed very late in the night. My classes would normally start at 8.15 or 9.00, so I usually have to wake up with the help of an alarm. I love to take long showers and sometimes baths before leaving for school so I would usually wake up an hour before so I can have time to that. 

We have a friend network that goes to school together in one car or sometimes even walk together to school so we usually first text message each other to know the plan. In school we hang out with classmates and its same after school. There are about 15 different nationalities in my class so you could imagine how multiPrattGodson1-3cultural it is. Hanging out with this great people with different cultures is great. I am a big fun of table tennis and probably the best player in the world. I usually invite exchange students to play since we have an international standard board at the school’s gym. I am soul searching for a player like me (joke). When I get home from school, I make food. Fufu is my favorite food. Since all the materials to make fufu are not available in Finland, I improvise and make fufu with manna or sometimes flour. 

Wednesday and Thursday nights are typical party nights for students in Turku and Salo. On a usual party night, we hook up with friends at a sports bar in Turku where we begin the night with watching a football match after which we hit the clubs. Klubi is a famous reggae bar in Turku and for regular guys like me; it’s a perfect fit to hear some nice (irie) vibes.  Blessed love!

Text and photo: Pratt Godson

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