The first trip I made, when I arrived in Finland was to Tallinn. We heared about Tallinn, the beautifull old historic city plus the cheap alcohol and that sounded really good! So we decided to take the ferry and just go. I really regretted that when we were waiting for the bus to Helsinki at 04:45 in -27 degrees but the story gets better.

Luckily we survived the cold, got to the ferry, and looked at the sea with ice floes and the sun just rising. A funny fact is that Finns and Estonians are drinking beer at 8 in the morning. But no problem, we’ll all just act like that’s normal! When we arrived in Tallinn, it was the first time in my life that I thought -6 degrees is actually warm! To get to our hostel we used the tram, which also was a new experience because they just stop in the middle of the street, between the cars who are waiting for the trafficlights. Why would you need a busstop anyway, right? Arriving at our hostel, there seemed to be no-one and it looked really dodgy. But after ringing the doorbell very long we finally got in and it appeared to be very nice inside. Never judge a book by its cover, or a house in this case.


So it was time to shop, eat and drink for little money. Yes, a bottle of Baileys or a liter of wodka that makes me happy! Of course we also had to experience the night life in Tallinn. Which was quite nice, except the music sucked (and that was not only my Dutch opinion). After a kinda drunk night we slept in our nice bunksbeds and a cold room.
The next day we walked through Tallinn and saw the beautifull old city, with old coloured houses and shops, cosy streets and a lovely church. But all good times have to end so, happy, tired with a little headache and our bags filled with some good liquor and some souveniers we went back totally ready for some more party’s in Turku!

Text and photo: Anne André

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