Education is the key

A comparison between studying in Ghana and Finland is nothing fun, considering the huge differences in teaching methods, facilities, educational cultures, student behaviors and so on. In this article, I will touch on my experiences in Ghana and Finland. I studied from daycare until high school in Ghana and in Finland I have done short courses and also polytechnic level.

The number of students in a class is usually high in Ghana compared to Finland.  In most of my classes in Finland, there are usually about 20 students in a lecture but there PrattGodson2-2could be over 200 students in one lecture in Ghana. This has changed over the years because infrastructure is developing and so on but I guess it will still take some time.

I am more relaxed when it comes to examinations here because there is not much pressure on me and this is because we usually write exams right after a course and you can always take re-exams up to three times before you would have to retake the course. This was not the case in Ghana, usually we would study different course for over four months and take all the exams at the same time which makes the stress more and we usually do not get any reading materials or possible topics for the examination.

In my personal and honest opinion, I enjoy more as student in Finland than in my home country. It’s not a surprise that the educational system of Finland is rated the number one in the world.

Text and photo: Pratt Godson

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