Looking at a greenish cloud

Of course somewhere between all these posts, there must be a story about the Northern lights! So, here is mine.
In Lapland I was hoping to finally do one of the things you should absolutely do once in your life, see the aurora borealis. I had the image already in my head: everyone standing in the cold looking at the sky to spot this incredible phenomenon.

Three nights in a row we decided to try to spot the northern lights. We braved the 1.5 km sledge hill, walking in a maniac fast pace and managed to reach the top of the hill. Up on the hill, we lay in our sledges watching the sky with 3 stars, a lot of clouds and even more wind while -22 degrees. That did not last long. Luckily we were smart enough to bring some sledges with us so we had a lot of fun sledging down in the dark. Realizing that one of us came down walking with a bloody nose after crashing into a (normally very sweet) Thai girl. Also the next night we went to the hill, hoping to be luckier this time. And we were, because we saw something greenish, but not really spectacular. We were constantly wondering if we’re looking at a greenish cloud or the actual northern lights. Quite particularly that basically everyone gathers at the top of a mountain in -27 to see a natural phenomenon.


The last night we went up again and yes the greenish cloud was there again, unfortunately the wind and cold also. A little disappointed we went home, to the sauna. When two of my friends went outside in front of our cottage to cool off after sauna, suddenly out of nowhere the actual northern lights appeared! And we had been joking before that we really had paid enough for our trip to Lapland to let the northern lights simply be included in the trip. I never would have thought that I would see the northern lights standing in my pajamas on bare feet in the snow but yes, it’s true! After one minute it was gone and it started somewhere else. But this is something I will never forget! 

Text and photo: Anne André

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