Saying goodbye to Turku

My last blog from Turku.
How weird does it feel to know that my trip to Turku is almost done. To be honest I’m actually not ready to go back home again. I do not feel like I’ve seen it all or done everything I wanted to do. And the students here become so close that it’s sad to say goodbye and to know that you will probably never see them again. Even though everyone says, ‘You can come back!’. Melodramatic is the answer: “But it will never be the same”. And realistically that is true, because these people, all with different nationalities, will never live together in one house again. My friends at home tell me to extra enjoy the last days. But how do you extra enjoy? I never understood that unfortunately.

Anyway, in order to try to see as much as I could from Scandinavic, this last week I went to Stockholm. A very beautiful city! Everywhere I looked there were beautiful views, and when I turned my head and looked to the other side there were even more historic buildings or churches  drenched in sun with bridges and water and lots of cute little shops. That sets me thinking because what do I actually have to look for in the Netherlands? What a tremendous hole with windmills and cows in it! And then our churches, can you already see a tourist visit one of those?! Absolutely ridiculous. Well maybe I’m underestimating Amsterdam. Because everyone is constantly talking about the great capital of the Netherlands. But compared to Stockholm…!! Amsterdam has three canal houses almost falling apart. Stockholm has some mighty big buildings, that’s worth something!


Oh my bad mood is not over, it is too disappointing to know I have to go back. But soon enough my mood will swing. Saying goodbye just makes me melodramatic, which reminds me of melody, which reminds me of very ugly Dutch songs that I do not want to impose you with. So I’ll come to an end now: The bubble where I lived in for 3 months, where I found new lovely people to meet and enjoy when there was nothing else familiar anymore, that bubble has snapped. The world I build in Retrodorm, in Turku, in FINLAND is now a memory to savor an unforgettable time!

Text and photo: Anne André

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