Finns and Finnish culture

It has become a common phenomenon for foreigners living in Finland to describe Finns, Finnish culture, nature and so forth. This is my very first time of doing so even though I have lived here for close to four years.

Many times most have described Finns as shy, reserved, calm, quiet, unfriendly and all that but I am of a different opinion. Finns are very interesting and trust worthy people. They are time conscious and punctual. They are the kind of people you should really get to know before they open up. This does not really make them boring, shy or quiet. Finns don’t really talk back during a conversation and they usually will not raise a topic but once you find the ice breakers, you will realize that one of the most interesting people to talk to in Europe is Finns.

Finland is a beautiful and a lovely country with outstanding nature, great people, exciting culture and delicious dishes. I am not really a big fun of Finnish foodPrattGodson3-pieni but I love the Christmas ham, mashed potatoes, makaronilaatiko and kirjolohi.  I saw snow first time in Finland and I have fallen in love with it ever since. I love the Finnish winter even though many usually complain that it’s too long and very cold. I enjoy all the winter, autumn, spring and summer months. It kind of feels like Finnish summer is sometimes warmer than Ghana. It is very common to hear that drinking beer and vodka is a Finnish culture but is drinking really a cultural thing? If so then I would say that vodka is more of a Russian culture than a Finnish. I like vappu. Most of us usually make fun of vappu as a period where Finns are allowed to drink themselves to death and that Finland is the only country in the world where there is a drinking holiday.

I have lived in about five cities in Finland, which includes Helsinki, Turku, Imatra, Lappeenranta and currently Salo. I have perfect experiences from almost all this cities and there is always something interesting to find in all the cities in Finland. I love living in Finland and to me, it’s the best place in the world currently.

Text and photo: Pratt Godson

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