Activities in Turku

There are a lot of great things to do in Turku during the spring semester. It is often mentioned, that it is very cold in Finland. It’s true, it is cold, but there are a lot of good things about the cold. The cold allows you to enjoy fun activities, which you‘re not able to do where it’s warm. You can go sledding, play in the snow with friends and you can also go ice skating.

Ice skating was one of my favorite activities here in Turku, during the spring semester. There are a lot of different locations where you can ice skate and some places you can rent skates, for a small fee. Ice skating is a great way to keep active and to have a lot of fun. There are a lot of countries where you do not have the chance to try these activities, so take advantage. From my personal experiences, ice skating is always a fun time and a great way to spend a few hours enjoying the cold weather of Finland.


There are also a lot of fun activities to do once the snow melts and the days get warmer. Turku has a lot of beautiful places to go for walks. The river that crosses through the city is a beautiful walk and a great place to see.  There are also places like the Centrum, where there are plenty of restaurants, shopping centres, bars and night clubs. The night life in Turku is one of the greatest I’ve been too because of the amount of exchange students and Finnish students having fun together in the most popular night clubs. There are other great things to do, like playing Laser tag, going to watch a movie with friends or signing up to the ESN events; ESN is a student group who organises activities and parties for the exchange students.  There are a lot of activities to do and I promise you won’t get bored in Turku.

Text and photo: Joel Richard

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