A taste of Finland

During my stay in Finland, I have had the opportunity to taste many different Finnish dishes, thanks in large part to some of my Finnish friends who I have gotten to know since I arrived. Before I came to Finland, I had absolutely no idea they had such delicious food. It must be a well-kept secret from here because the food here is just amazing. So many unique ways to eat even the simplest of foods, like the potato for example. I have tasted many meals with potatoes prepared as I have never seen them and it was great.

Even for special holidays like Easter for example, my Finnish friends had me taste a typical Finnish desert for this holiday called Mämmi. Served with cream and powdered sugar, this desert is very delicious. Another delicious desert I have tried was Finnish blueberry pie, which didn’t taste like the blueberry pie I have in my own country but it did not disappoint. This pie was probably my favorite dish that I have tasted here in Finland. I would strongly recommend it to anyone. (Who likes blueberries of course).


Also as most people across the world know, McDonalds is a cheep fast food place where you can get a good burger for a low cost, even though the quality of the burgers usually take a downgrade as well. In Finland, they have a fast food company that has managed to keep a worldwide giant out of town. Hesburger is the local burger shop of Finland. It has been able to keep McDonalds out of the picture for a very simple reason; they have much better food for the same price. The quality of Hesburger, even though it is a fast food shop as well is very high. Their burger, fries, nuggets and ice cream is just so much better than McDonalds. Not to mention it is also a lot less greasy.

Text and photo: Marc-André Goguen

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