Magnificent Finland

Finland is a country where you can be amazed every day. The people are not with a lot, but sit for an hour on a bench in a city and I guarantee that you will be entertained. Girls and boys with colorful hair, older man looking for beer cans in trash cans, girls who think it is 25 degrees outside when the first sun starts to shine and a drunk person yelling to a street lantern.

Not only the people are magnificent, Finland’s nature is one of the most spectacular things I’ve ever seen in my life and I’ve been to a few places all over the world. When I arrived in Finland, the country was entirely covered with snow. And my fingers almost froze of the first week. My first time admiring the beauty of Finnish winter was in Lapland, when I went for cross-country skiing. Big mountains with white powder snow glistering in the sunlight. The days where full of activities and the nights full of parties. My body couldn’t take it anymore and got ill. I finally had the chance to see the northern lights and I missed it. I went back to Turku with a sad face. I thought I would never get another chance to see them. But I got lucky, this year you could see northern lights in Turku and I saw them! I felt the most lucky person in the world!


When spring is starting and the sun starts to shine and all the plants and trees come back to life. Walking around in thick forests, when the soil is still covered with a white carpet, but the snow is finally starting to melt on some places. Lakes start to unfreeze and water in rivers can start to run free again. Fishermen take out there lines, hope to catch their first fish of the year. Tourists start to go around cities with their maps. Finland becomes even more magnificent every day.

Text and photo: Babette De Groof

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