Living in Finland

The main reason why I came here was to travel, obviously, but for anyone reading this, it might apply more to non European students. I come from Canada so when I came to Finland, I really wanted to visit everywhere! Life in Turku let me accomplish that! I’m not saying the courses we’re easy and you can miss as many course as you want. What I’m trying to say is, the teachers and the schedule is flexible enough that if you put in some effort when here, it gives you time to travel.

I was able to go to Italy, France, UK, Netherlands, Sweden, Poland, Russia and of course lots of places in Finland.  What makes it easy is how cheap it is to fly around Europe, or the great deals you get to take the train in Finland, with a student card all train fees are 50% off, which is amazing! Students really do get it easy here in Finland, with the right cards you can get discounts at a lot of place, for example: trains, buses, restaurants and gyms.  What I’ve been doing to keep in shape is play some Ice hockey, which is also popular in Finland.  Friends and I used a great site, if it helps you, it’s “” you buy cheap 2nd hand stuff. We bought a pair of skates for 25 Euros and bought a hockey stick at a local store. They have huge ice skating surfaces, even if you’re not a fan of ice hockey; it’s always fun to try new things.


So to summarize, it’s an amazing place to keep busy, sure you’ll have those nights where you just want to watch movies and stay inside, but there is always something going on and a way to keep busy. So your experience depends on the way you decide to live it!

Text and photo: Mathieu Richard

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