Traveling in Finland

I’m doing my clinical practice here in Finland, so I don’t have a lot of time for traveling during the week. All the cruises that are organized are during the week, so I can’t go on them. That’s why I took my chance to see Finland when my parents came to Finland for a week. At first I planned to join them only for the weekend, because I was supposed to work during the week. I’ve been doing too much hours, so I had to take a few days off. My weekend of traveling with my parents became a four day weekend.

My parents arrived on a Thursday and I met them on that Friday. They came to pick me up with a rental car at my clinical practice in Masku. My day ended at 2 pm that day and I felt butterflies in my stomach when the clock showed a quarter to two. I was so happy to see my parents after two months in Finland.


Back in Turku we went ice swimming in Uittamo, my father acting like a pro. He already started swimming when he entered the water for the second time. We went out for dinner afterwards. The next day we went first to the airport in Helsinki. My mother’s suitcase wasn’t there when they arrived and we still had no information about it. We continued our trip to Porvoo, where we had lunch and enjoyed the nice weither. We passed some nice places on our way to Kotka and ended that day in Kouvola. The next day we went hiking in one of the National Parks of Finland. The view was magnificent. Our day ended in Tampere, where my mother finally got her suitcase back. It had never left the Brussels airport. We enjoyed Tampere and Rauma the day after. I drove the car from Rauma back to Turku. Finally, after two months of taking the bus every day. Our last day was the least sunny, but it was the cherry on top of the cake! We followed the Archipelago trail and –wait for it- we saw 2 moose! I stood 40 meters away from 2 gigantic beautiful creatures! It was an amazing trip through Finland.

Text and photo: Babette De Groof

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