Free time activities

When it comes to free time activities, Turku is a really great city. The whole city is filled with awesome places to visit and lots of opportunities to do hobbies. One of the good choices is jogging or walking as Turku has many kilometers of jogging trails (40km+) and in addition to that many more as nature trails for people who are looking forward to spend some time in Finnish nature. Other notable physical activity choices are for example going to one of the many swimming halls that are located around Turku.

For people that are looking for other kind of experience in Turku, I would recommend the Forum Marinum. The Forum Marinum Maritime Centre is a lively IiroJarvenpaa1-pieniand versatile centre for maritime activities, comprising a national special maritime museum, and the Finnish Navy Museum. Other great place to visit is Aboa Vetus and Ars Nova. The museum of history and contemporary art is an unique cultural attraction in Turku, Finland. Aboa Vetus is an underground area of ruins, where the genuine constructions tell the history of the oldest city in Finland.

Other place that shouldn’t go without mentioning is, of course, the Turku Castle. Turku Castle is located about 3 km from the city center easily accessible by public transportation. The Main Castle has treasures from the collections on display: ceramics, jewelry, costumes, demotic textiles, furniture and toys. In addition to the places that I have mentioned I should list: various gyms, Turku Cathedral, Ruissalo island, Hirvensalo ski centre, Turku indoor climbing “palace”, Kupittaa park and the Föri city ferry.

Text and photo: Iiro Järvenpää

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