Student life in Turku

What I felt was the coolest thing here in Turku, was the amount of exchange students that study here! It’s amazing to see how fast you make friends, I live in the student village, so obviously I can only speak for the student village, but really if you want to meet new people, then get involved, leave your door open and don’t be afraid to talk to the others in your building.

My first month here, I wasn’t talking to anybody, because I was so busy, but after a few months I got to know the people directly on my floor, the same people I shared a kitchen with, and since then it’s been great. We have had nights where we just hang out in the common kitchen, days where we decorate it; we have gone for walks and even had an Easter supper. We find ways to keep busy and without noticing it, we’re all becoming really good friends. They are your roommates, and become your friends and even some become your travelling partners! I know most of them are Erasmus students, and live the “Erasmus life style”, but I’m Canadian and they without a hesitation will invite you to a party the first week you get here.


I have been having so much fun here as an exchange student in Turku. There are a few things I needed to get used to, the weather being one and obviously the food is different, the people are different and the language is different, but to be fair, the food is good, the people are nice and they can almost all speak English, Swedish and Finnish, some even know a few more languages! So life here in Turku is safe and fun! It’s easy to get adjusted.  I’m sure once I go back to my home country, I’ll want to come back.

Text and photo: Mathieu Richard

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