Differences between my country Nepal and Finland

If I need to compare between Nepal and Finland then I must say there is a vast difference between these two countries. The very first thing that strikes my mind while thinking of differences is that; Nepal is an Asian country while Finland is a European country. Nepal is a landlocked country but Finland is surrounded by sea. This has been one of the great disadvantages for my country because it affects in trading.

The economy level of these two countries is impossible to compare. Nepal is a poor country which ranks 31st among the world’s poorest countries while Finland ranks 22nd among the world’s richest countries. So we can easily figure out the differences between these two countries. However, the living standard of Nepal is rapidly increasing these recent years.

The education system in Nepal is theoretical. Students need to read book in order to pass the exam. But in Finland the education system is totally practical which I really appreciate. Every student gets the fair grading here in Finland.


Well how can I forget the food? Well in Nepal, daily food for the people is daal (lentils), bhaat (rice), tarkari (vegetables with or without meat) and achaar (pickle) whereas in Finland breads, pies, potatoes and some fish items are considered to be daily food. We Nepali love spicy and hot food but Finns love sweet dish.

Talking about the climate, Nepal has almost all climates in itself. If you want to experience extreme hot climate, be in Terai region of Nepal. If you want to feel extreme cold climate, be somewhere in the mountain part and if you want to have a moderate climate then be in a hilly region. But in Finland I’m pretty sure wherever you go, the climate will be similar.

Finally, I would like to say something about the people living on these two different countries. People in Nepal, they are socially bounded. They are so dependent to each other. Here in Finland I haven’t seen people so attached with the society since they live for their individual development. Nevertheless, wherever you are, one thing is common, we all have similar heart, emotions and feelings; the difference is only on interpreting.

Text and photo: Sabnam Shrestha

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