My life in Turku

My days as a student vary quite a lot from day to day. Some days might end up being almost 12 hours of lectures at the university and some days I might not have any lectures at all. But I’ll try to depict my usual day as a student.

The alarm clock starts to ring at 7 o’clock and I get up with the speed of light (well… not always) to do my morning chores. After grabbing a quick shower, I make some coffee and eat my breakfast. Usually I eat either some toast or porridge. After eating my breakfast I double check where I am supposed to be and that I have packed all the right stuff to my backpack. Then I make my way out of the door. It is a sunny day so I decide to walk instead of taking a car (and it is smarter anyway as the campus is close.)


I meet up with couple of my friends on my way to ICT-house and we have nice conversation about subject x. After 20 min I arrive to ICT campus and I make my way to lecture hall beta. While the lecturer is keeping a lecture I am trying to take notes about the most important things as I know I will need them. After couple lectures, around 11:30 o’clock I decide to have a lunch in ICT campuses cafeteria which offers good quality meal for measly price of 1,6 euros. The meal includes the main dish, salad, some bread and a glass of milk or juice.

Then I head back to the lecture hall for the rest of the lectures. After those I head back to home to have a dinner and do some of the exercises that were given. Then I have some time for myself and my hobbies. When I come back home I ready my backpack for the next day, eat supper and hit the bed.

Text and photo: Iiro Järvenpää

It’s always fun to travel!

Whenever you visit a new country, it is always fun to travel. A few friends and me had a chance to take a ferry ride from here in Turku to go to Stockholm, the capital of Sweden. But I wouldn’t consider this as a ferry ride; it was more like a short cruise! Turku has one of the biggest ports in the world, which make it a perfect spot to repair large cruise liners when they are in need of repair. It’s no wonder that they would go big on their ferry’s as well. It was a very large ship with many decks restaurants and bars. It even has its own huge theatre room.


We got to see Sweden for a day before taking the ferry back to Turku and the atmosphere of the ‘cruise’ was not the only great part, we took part in a delicious buffet that was served on the boat with amazing food ranging from shrimps, to pork shops, to steaks and many more high quality dishes. And that wasn’t even the best part! Included in the buffet was all-you-can-drink beer and wine, a bit of alcohol always make traveling just that bit more fun. After the buffet there was live music playing in the large theatre and the performers were quite talented. They played very famous songs so it almost felt like home hearing all this live music that we knew. And for all the people who enjoy their alcohol from time to time, the liquor on the boat is quite inexpensive since they become a duty-free shop once they hit international waters.

To go along with all these great feature of this ferry ride, for the price we paid, which is not very expensive, we were pleasantly surprised at the very good quality of the rooms. They were spotless and the beds were nice and comfortable.

Text and photo: Marc-André Goguen

Everyday life in Turku

As I come from countryside, I find Turku to be very easy city to live in. Most of the things are easily accessible and they are also usually quite near. Turku has three shopping malls. One of these, the Hansa Shopping Centre is located in the very heart of Turku; next to the market square. As it is in the city centre, it is easy to visit by a bus, with a bicycle or by walking. The second shopping mall, Skanssi, is located 4 kilometers from city centre next to the Turku – Helsinki highway. It is easy to get there by car, bus, bicycle or on foot. Last of them, the shopping mall Mylly, (the mill) is actually located in Turkus neighbour municipality of Raisio, but it is valid option none the less! It is the largest one of these three shopping malls and it has really great selection of goods and shops.


Other shops that are worth noticing are Lidls, which is usually regarded as the cheapest place to buy food. Siwas and K-kaupat which are smaller shops you kind find all over Turku. Prisma and K-markets are bigger shops with larger selections.

I also find Turku to be really easy city when it comes to moving around. Places are not usually too far away to go on foot, but if one finds them to be, bicycle is an option. An option that shouldn’t be over looked. I could even say that I think that owning a bicycle should be mandatory for all students in Turku. I think that Turku has really good and working public transportation. The most important of neighbouring cities can be visited by a train and daily life can be planned around bus schedules (as there is a bus stop around almost every corner.)

Text and photo: Iiro Järvenpää

The must visit place in Finland: Mumindalen


I went to Mumindalen, the moomin world along with my friends. I was excited to go to the place as I used to see Moomin cartoon back in Nepal when I was a child. I when think about all the characters, they remind me of my childhood. The cartoon used to be telecasted every Saturday morning. I used to wake up and sit right in front of the television to watch Moomin series. I always liked the characters of the cartoon. Moomin is the main character. Moominmamma is the mother of Moomin and Moominpappa is the father of Moomin. Other characters are: Sniff, Snufkin, Hemulens, Groke and many more.

As I always wanted to visit this place, I and some of my friends decided to go to Mumindalen in our autumn break. We left our house in the afternoon to visit mumin world; which is on the island of Kailo beside the old town Naantali, near the Turku city. We met at centrum at around 12:30pm and headed towards our destination. We had so much fun on our way to Mumindalen. We clicked many pictures.

Photo Sebastian Roesch

To my surprise there was a sea on our way. We spent some time there and went to walk around the Moomin village. Unfortunately, we could not go to theatre as it was not open that day. However, we went around and saw Moominhouse and Hemuli’s house that is yellow in color and was right next to the Moominhouse. I saw the kitchen of Moominmamma, fire station, Snufkin’s camp and Moominpappa’s boat. It is a beautiful place and of course a must visit place.

Text and photo: Roshani Gyawali