Everyday life in Turku

As I come from countryside, I find Turku to be very easy city to live in. Most of the things are easily accessible and they are also usually quite near. Turku has three shopping malls. One of these, the Hansa Shopping Centre is located in the very heart of Turku; next to the market square. As it is in the city centre, it is easy to visit by a bus, with a bicycle or by walking. The second shopping mall, Skanssi, is located 4 kilometers from city centre next to the Turku – Helsinki highway. It is easy to get there by car, bus, bicycle or on foot. Last of them, the shopping mall Mylly, (the mill) is actually located in Turkus neighbour municipality of Raisio, but it is valid option none the less! It is the largest one of these three shopping malls and it has really great selection of goods and shops.


Other shops that are worth noticing are Lidls, which is usually regarded as the cheapest place to buy food. Siwas and K-kaupat which are smaller shops you kind find all over Turku. Prisma and K-markets are bigger shops with larger selections.

I also find Turku to be really easy city when it comes to moving around. Places are not usually too far away to go on foot, but if one finds them to be, bicycle is an option. An option that shouldn’t be over looked. I could even say that I think that owning a bicycle should be mandatory for all students in Turku. I think that Turku has really good and working public transportation. The most important of neighbouring cities can be visited by a train and daily life can be planned around bus schedules (as there is a bus stop around almost every corner.)

Text and photo: Iiro Järvenpää

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