My life in Turku

My days as a student vary quite a lot from day to day. Some days might end up being almost 12 hours of lectures at the university and some days I might not have any lectures at all. But I’ll try to depict my usual day as a student.

The alarm clock starts to ring at 7 o’clock and I get up with the speed of light (well… not always) to do my morning chores. After grabbing a quick shower, I make some coffee and eat my breakfast. Usually I eat either some toast or porridge. After eating my breakfast I double check where I am supposed to be and that I have packed all the right stuff to my backpack. Then I make my way out of the door. It is a sunny day so I decide to walk instead of taking a car (and it is smarter anyway as the campus is close.)


I meet up with couple of my friends on my way to ICT-house and we have nice conversation about subject x. After 20 min I arrive to ICT campus and I make my way to lecture hall beta. While the lecturer is keeping a lecture I am trying to take notes about the most important things as I know I will need them. After couple lectures, around 11:30 o’clock I decide to have a lunch in ICT campuses cafeteria which offers good quality meal for measly price of 1,6 euros. The meal includes the main dish, salad, some bread and a glass of milk or juice.

Then I head back to the lecture hall for the rest of the lectures. After those I head back to home to have a dinner and do some of the exercises that were given. Then I have some time for myself and my hobbies. When I come back home I ready my backpack for the next day, eat supper and hit the bed.

Text and photo: Iiro Järvenpää

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