Summer in Finland

Before travelling to a new country, the very first question that arises in one’s mind is how different everything will be; like from people’s behaviour, appearances, food, and weather and so on. I had similar kind of expectations before I came to Finland. I came to Finland last autumn i.e. 2012, August. Before I came here, my friends and relatives were so worried about the weather in Finland. They had heard that Finland is very cold country and were afraid that how am I going to survive in that cold weather. I came from a country where temperature in winter does not go less than -4 degree. And during summer it’s extremely hot with the temperature up to 40 degree Celsius.

After being in Finland, the fact was that I was actually having the normal struggles of simply living in a foreign environment. With the addition of this immense lifestyle change, I was also experiencing the culture shock. During winter I was totally fade up. Wherever I went, I just found snow. The cold dark weather made me feel as if I was lost somewhere. However, I had already heard a lot about the summer in Finland. Most of the tourists visit here to spend their summer holidays. Since the day I came to Finland, I was eagerly waiting for summer to arrive and feel the experience.


Finally summer is here and I am really very happy to be a part of it. I am so surprised to see the sun shining even after 7 in the evening. Kids started playing in the ground and it feels good to see people on their summer dresses. I feel cheerful even when I peep from my window and see the green grass wriggling with the wind. I have lots of plan for this summer as this is my first summer in Finland.

Text and photo: Sabnam Shrestha