My University vs TUAS

Well let me just start by saying my university is Oklahoma State, we wear the USA’s BRIGHT ORANGE, we have a horse named Bullet, an awesome mascot named Pistol Pete, we have the worlds largest student union, we drink 1% of the nations beer and have one of the top 5 tailgates in the nation. With that said there are a lot of differences and I haven’t even got into courses or how lectures are done.

At TUAS as a Hospitality Management major, my courses are laid out for me, there is a program and I have to stick to it. But at OSU, sure that’s my major, and yes there are required courses, but then I get about 10 classes in which I pick the subjects that I want or need to make my future successful. My university has a student run hotel and 2 student run restaurants on campus that act as learning labs, we also hold very large fundraising events in which we get celebrities to come and attend, not to mention give the program money. TUAS on the other hand, is a pretty small campus and doesn’t have a lot of hands on in the industry stuff; they base a lot of course work off of project work in which students solve issues for real companies.

While I do love the time I am spending here at TUAS, I must admit, I miss camping out for a good seat at big football games, I miss homecoming, we have the largest in the nation, and I miss our strip of bars that every Alumni and Student alike share their fondest memories at. Being an exchange student has opened my eyes to how other universities work, after spending a year in Scotland and now a semester in Finland I must say I appreciate being able to pick my classes, go to crazy celebrations, wear bright orange and yell ORANGE POWER and not have people look at me funny. But, I will always remember my time here at TUAS, the hard work I am putting in to my project, my struggle to learn Finnish and the lectures on things in the EU that I would have never gotten in the states.

And with all this said..there’s only one thing left to say..


Text and photo: Nicole Keesee

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