What to do outside of school

Since I have been in Finland I have found out how much stuff there is to do in town, from sporting events to seeing old Turku historic sites. I must admit when I chose to come to Turku, I had no idea how much there would be to see and do so close to me. I personally loved going to the Turku Castle, the old church and all the neat little fairs and events they have had since I have been here.


But I must admit, my favorite things so far were going to see Tuto and TPS both play with my friends. The match’s were brilliant, some games really close for awhile and sometimes we got the win, but sometimes we didn’t and that was okay because it was so much fun! Ice Hockey being Finland’s national sport and Turku having one of the best leagues in Europe meant the games were going to be a nice high caliber game, which I loved!

After the game one week my friends and I went to Harald’s for our dinner. Let me just tell you this place may be very expensive, but where else can you have your dinner served on a shield or sword? Personally I don’t know many places, in fact I don’t think I knew of one till I went to Harald’s. This was one of those times I decided to eat a lot of noodles for the week just to have my dinner on a sword and I think it was one of my best decisions so far in life. If you ever get the chance, go to Harald’s for a meal, you wont regret it!

Oh and yes there are really great parties and clubs but try not to make your whole time about them. There is lots of time for both, spread it out, enjoy local things like hockey and the old history of Turku but then make sure you get your party on too. Finnish clubs can be pretty awesome if you go on the right day with a good group of friends!

Text and photo: Nicola Keesee

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