ESN trip to Russia – St. Petersburg

The trip from Turku to St. Petersburg began on 25 October 2013 from the bus station of Turku. We took the bus from there to Helsinki with all the exchange students who signed up for this trip. When we arrived in Helsinki we took a night cruise to St. Petersburg. It was a pretty nice cruise with enough entertainment (some bars and one club) for the night.

After arriving in St. Petersburg the next morning we directly had a bus tour through the city. I was shocked by the beauty of all the buildings, churches and cathedrals. I had the tendency to make photos of any building I saw, just because they look so nice and so different than what we are used to in West-Europe.

In the afternoon we went to the Hermitage, which is one of the biggest and most comprehensive art and culture museums in the world, and located in the center of St. Petersburg. It was really awesome to be here. They have so many different kinds of historical items there, from mosaic tables to paintings and coffins of mummies. The most impressive piece of art I have seen there was “The Return of the Prodigal Son”, painted by Rembrandt van Rijn from my home country.


The days after that we did a lot of sightseeing by limo, boat, bus and foot. Every night there were really nice parties organized by ESN, which gave us a good impression of the nightlife in St. Petersburg. I liked the fact we did this trip with students not only from Turku, but also from Helsinki. This gave everyone the opportunity to meet new people. In the evening of 28 October we took the night cruise back to Helsinki. Never made some much photos in such a short time!

Text and photo: Ruben van Bloemendaal

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