Living in the student village

I’m living in the student village for a little bit more than three months now. For me it is a really nice place to live. I have an 18m² apartment with my own bathroom (and shower) and a shared kitchen. The buildings, corridors and rooms of the exchange student part are not the best looking, but there’s always something happening here. And that is just awesome.

All the students who are living in the exchange student part are here with the same reason: having a good time. Because of the work we have to do for our study now (and maybe the cold- and darkness), it’s getting a little bit more quite. The first month we had parties or other event about three times a week, now there are parties about 1-2 times a week.

We’re not cooking together often, because everyone has different schedules and dinnertime habits but I often meet students from floor in the kitchen and then we eat together. There’s almost always someone in the kitchen to talk with and this is nice!

The rooms a pretty isolated. The first two weeks here, I thought I was the only one on our floor yet, because I didn’t hear anything. After three weeks I met some students who had the same thoughts, but apparently we were living with each other for a couple of weeks already. This also means that you can hang around with people and play music without bothering anyone.

To experience the exchange student live, the student village is definitely one of the best places to live in Turku. Great people, parties and other events. Absolutely no regrets that I moved to the student village for my four-month exchange!


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