My first experiences in Finland

After my arrival on the port of Turku my tutors picked me up and brought me to my student accommodation. Everything was organized for me; they had the key for my room, my starting package and a lot of tips for me. I was a little bit surprised that everything was so uncomplicated and well organized.

On the next morning me and a girl from my floor decided to go jogging. After 10 km jogging we were standing on a crossroads and we had a small disagreement. She was sure that for the way home we have to turn left. I was sure we have to turn right. I won and we turned right, but we got completely lost. Afterwards we were sure that turning left would have been incorrect too. When we realized that we have no idea how to get home we asked in a car center. The car salesman was very friendly and took us in his office. He printed a way description from google. Maps for us and explained it detailed. After 5 km jogging we reached our dormitory and were really happy.

We were positive surprised that it´s so easy to get help when you have a small problem. I´m not sure if it´s for foreign-language speakers in Germany (my home country) as easy as here to get help so simple. The English language is a lot of more present here compared to Germany. In Finland when you switch on the television, every second channel is in English. In Germany the whole TV program is in German. After staying three month in Turku my experience is that especially older people are speaking better English than in Germany. People over 50 years old often didn´t learn English at school or learned it bad and are scared of speaking it.  So when you ever travel to Germany and you need help, first try it to speak to younger people.

Text: Maximilian Vater

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